Focus on the people’s needs first

Dear Editor, 

Interesting speech by the Prime Minister in New York.

I, however, want Samoa to focus on the real issues facing Samoa as we speak. Issues most vital to the lives, livelihood and survival of our people as a nation. Very simple and basic needs, ...not wants, needs such as clean water, food, clothing, education, medical and decent homes, instead of play Acting hoping to deceive. 

It cannot be, aua e fiu lava e nana le tetea ae manino lava le mata o le vai. 

The people are suffering and are not happy with their lot. Meet the country’s needs and heed their cries, give the people a reason to be supportive of their governments leadership, first. 

Samoa can even afford to be an “Isolationists” if it means self-preservation and if it affords the country time to clean up the leadership mess it’s wallowing in. No objection to that. 

However, the objection is to painting a picture of a Samoa that has it all together when indeed it’s false. 

The world’s a stage for Actors big and small where, yes, even Samoa can pretend. However, to play a meaningful an honest role on that bigger political stage, a leader must first make sure his duties and responsibilities prioritizes the country and the majority of the people he represents. 

That includes having knowledge and confidence the country is healthy and constituents are happy and willing to be spectators to his play Acting and boastings on the world stage even if it’s just an exercise on futility. 

But for now, show us the beef!


Asipau McMoore

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