If you break the law, face the music

Dear Editor,

Well, well, well…what a way to start the new “era” in politics in Samoa? 

With alleged election corruption allowed to slip by the wayside, what kind of a country are we living in? How can this administration allow such dishonest people to rule and make laws for the next five years? 

Whoever is or was engaged in bribery with the purpose of obtaining a government position, should never be allowed under whatever circumstances. 

Any self-respecting Samoan must allow justice to take its course. And the P.M. has no business whatsoever interfering not only with the Judicial System but with the Ombudsman, Police and the Court.

 No wonder he is afraid of the creation of an office to combat corruption, an Anti Corruption Tribunal.

And yet he recently lectured a group of graduates and police officers about being honest.

Why don’t our political masters tell themselves that?

I have lived in ten other countries and have never seen so much travesty of justice. Where some people whose integrity is highly questionable hold important jobs. I call these people unsamoans. 

As for all these people who have withdrawn their petitions, come on, be a true and proud Samoan and protect your rights to have a clean and decent election.

You have let your country down.

As for the village matai system, they should spend their time cultivating the soil rather than banishing people, burning their property and imposing absurd fines for their own enrichment. 

Let justice take its course and don’t be easily persuaded by the power of these political leaders. 

I note that the P.M. thanked a village leader for helping withdraw the petition. Wow. This is absurd. But of course they are “yes” men too, just like the ones in the Cabinet. 

Just as he is using God up and down to say these are God’s appointed people - by the way God does not have anything to do with appointments of people, much less politics. He is also using the village to impose his will.

And where is the church in all this? 

They are only concerned about gathering the money from the so-called church obligations. Remember, they did not give one penny to those who lost their stalls in the Savalalo market fire. Not one penny. Yet all those people attend church and give their hard-earned money to the pastors, who then go to the golf course to spend it there.

Shame on those who allowed to be bribed by some politicians.

Be a proud Samoan, man. Don’t let anybody bribe you. 

Since we know already that some people can be bribed here; why not bribe the tourists? 

Let us see what the new ministers can do. Action, no words.  It will come out in time that we have clients of Mossack Fonseca here, and our diplomatic corps entangled with it.

 Denying it does not help. Just like we combat violence against women, we should combat corruption in any shape or form. If you bribe, face the music!


Orlando Huaman  



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