Of taxes, God and Samoa

Dear Editor,

Does it matter that God is a part of the Samoan nation? 

Seems arbitrary but there’s always room for divine intervention.

I wonder if god is sitting on a super nova counting all our donations saying “you know those Samoans aren’t praising me enough”. 

Does God call Tuilaepa to say tax those pastors? Does prayer make a difference in the outcome of a strategic development deal between the Asian Development Bank and the janitors from R.S.A? 

God is glad that Samoan pastors are taxed. God wants the floor mopped at R.S.A. on Sunday morning and lower interest rates on your loans from the Asian Development Bank. 

Maybe God’s too busy trying to figure out what to do with President Donald Trumps wig. Maybe our logic and intuition can be balanced or twisted. 

My best interpretation of God seems asinine with or without a theological degree. Why? Because I’m human. 

Maybe you want God to change Mt. Dew to Chocolate Fanta but I want to make sure the workers at McDonalds don’t get my big mac out of the rubbish. 

That seems attainable. God only knows what life in Samoa would be without churches. 

Maybe we’d be like the happy people of Denmark. 

Could God stop parliament from taxing pastors for a minute to ask if Manu Samoa needs better players for the World Cup?  

It’s all good with God. Maybe God is a cosmic prankster. We got so many religions on earth it’s almost a circus act. Are we not praising you enough God? How’s our donation plates? Maybe, I should move to Denmark to scout rugby players for Manu Samoa. God only knows - I’m only human.


Michael Uhila

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