People have different pain tolerance levels

Re: Threat to shoot the P.M. unnecessary 

With all due respect, more than thirty years of abuse and government misbehaving has reached its tolerance limits. 

Yes, we are individually endowed with different personality characteristics, albeit our pristine Samoan moral upbringings.

With individual pain tolerance levels, all thinking and feeling species will react to pain differently. For every action there is a reaction. 

If the action is pleasurable the reaction will be reciprocally pleasurable and vice versa. The Sautes, Maleles, Tala Paugas of Samoa have had enough. Age and generational realities might temper expressed and verbal reactions to the same pain, among compatriots, a freedom no one should be denied, as long as freedoms of speech and expression legally ends where another’s nose begins. 

New generations of Samoans may not be forever artificially suppressed. 

They are exactly a product of times and circumstances to be embraced and properly channeled, by wise leaders, for the justice they deserve. 

Their self evident Love of Samoa and Country are national treasures.


Asipau McMoore Tafua 

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