Mixed views on continuing coronavirus restrictions

Simi Taupo, 25, Tufulele

I think the Prime Minister should reconsider the State of Emergency and this lockdown. I don't think we'll get affected by COVID-19 at this stage anymore. Our country is founded on God so I don't think we'll be at risk. Everything should go back to normal now. However, the Sunday Services and all church-related activities must resume as usual. The Government has now allowed opening supermarkets, shops, public transport when yet church services should have been allowed first. 

Esera Levika, 35, Tufulele

I fully agree with the state of emergency in place now. Even if the government added two more weeks, that would have been necessary. It's better to be prepared so that if COVID-19 does reach our country, then we would already be fully prepared. I think being on lockdown has been really good, things have been slow but we're managing. We're struggling, but we are able to manage, even if we drink lemon tea and eat yam with coconut cream every day then that's more than enough. 

Foa Ma'alomaivao, 47, Satapuala

We should abide by what the Government has implemented. We are struggling during this time, we eat herring almost every day but we are surviving. However, I think the government should provide us with some assistance for now. I am a taxi driver, business has been really slow lately with the State of Emergency. I think this season is a great lesson for us to go back and work on our plantations. 

Livi Gabriel, 21, Alamagoto

Everything should go back to the way it was before the state of emergency. We can hardly find jobs these days, families are struggling to get by each day. I want to provide for my family but finding a job has been really hard these days. 

Sia'a Amerika, 40, Vaiusu

Prevention is important even if we haven't been affected. If the Government decides to lift the State of Emergency, our borders should still remain closed. There should be no more flights coming in at this stage until things settle down global. As long as our borders are closed, I'm sure we'll be safe and not at risk. However, I think school should resume as well. This lockdown is a challenge for our people to not be dependent. 

Melania Filo, 44, Vaiala

I support the Government's decision to resume with this lockdown. I hope they add two more weeks to this lockdown. There's no use in rushing to get money, we will make more money but we only have one life. Other countries have 200 - 300 deaths in 24 hours if that was Samoa, then I don't know where we would be if we had been affected. We are struggling to make ends meet, but it's time for us to go back to planting taro and other crops to provide for us daily. 

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