Sunday markets closure: Your thoughts?

Upuia Falana'i, 43, Falealili

I completely agree with the closure of all businesses on Sunday. This is the day of the Lord, we have 6 other days where we can do what ever we want and Sunday is the day that we should rest and worship God. Since supermarkets won't be open until 3pm on Sunday then its best to get everything done on Saturday and I mean the shopping for the Sunday To'ona'i. That is my plan for this Saturday, get all the shopping done. I think these Chinese construction workers shouldn't be working on Sunday here in Samoa. We are a Christian country so I think if churches are closed then the Chinese construction workers should be prohibited from working on Sunday's too.

Asenati Leauai, 39, Sauano

It is great that nothing will be allowed to open on Sundays so my advice for people that usual do their shopping on Sunday morning, it is best to do it on Saturday from now on. There's no difference from shopping on Sunday it is best to prepare these stuff early and by Sunday all you have to do is pray and then cook afterwards.

Tasesa Sene, 36, Mulifanua

We should follow what the Government is telling us to do. I know a lot of people might be complaining about it right now but the Government is doing it for our safety and our health. What we should do is start shopping on Saturday which is better than shopping on Sunday. We can't really do anything if its the Government's decision but I fully support it.

Lova Sanele, 65, Sauano

What the Prime Minister is doing is great because we are facing a huge disease. I completely agree with supermarkets and markets closing on Sunday. In terms of the Chinese construction workers that usually work on Sunday, I think their work should also stop on Sundays. We are a Christian country and Samoa is Founded on God. This is our country and they should follow our rules even if they are not Christian.

Kaiona Lam Ah Chee, 45, Saleufi

I really support the closure of all supermarkets on Sunday but in my opinion, the Fish market should remain open because people really love to buy fresh fish on Sunday for the To'ona'i. With all these places closed on Sunday it would make sure that people will stay home safely and this will make sure people will be at home on Sunday and worship the Lord. The Chinese constructions workers are in our country so they shouldn't work on Sundays at all. If we aren't allowed to go church on Sundays then they shouldn't be allowed to work on Sundays. Overall I support the Government's decision.

Kesi Mose, 49, Pesega

What's being done on Sundays now is really great but why not shift the 3pm-6pm opening hours to early morning Sunday, especially for the people that always come to the fish market to buy some fresh fish. I know that this is being done for our safety and health so I thank the Government for that.

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