Government urged to lift ban on church gatherings

Moeava Fegauiai Brown, 65, Tiavea

Churches should be opened we can't rely on the Lord's protection and not visit him! I think it is silly to decide what can be opened or allowed one by one, they should open the whole town and everything then. We are like lost souls and we no longer feel the spirit and the sacredness of the Lord's sabbath. If they can't open churches then close everything including workplaces, we are starting to lose our Christian spirit and our motto "Samoa is founded on God" is no different from a business logo!  

James Tofilau, 27, Vailele Uta

It's just one day of the week and if they allow us to go to church on Sundays only then everyone will be at ease and happy. As a strong believer and member of the Assembly of God Church, I want to let my brothers and sisters in Christ know that the returning of the Lord is near and we have seen the signs. If we stop people from going to church then how will we worship and thank God? At the moment all we pray for is protection from the deadly virus, but have we ever thanked him as a group and as a congregation? Churches should be open now if the Government can call a meeting and decide to allow buses to transport people within one day then how hard is it for them to open churches as well?

Kathrine Aloi, 17, Falelauniu

We should open churches now that all shops and buses are allowed to take people around. We all know how Samoans think and operate, and setting a limit on the number of passengers to 20 is rather a joke! No one will stick to these policies and if they want to keep the two meters distance from each other then there shouldn't be 20 on the bus! If we want to protect our people and our country then we should ask God, we are consumed with worldly things and barely have time to go to church because of this lockdown and Government policies.

Victoria Levaa, 16, Nuu Fou

There is no social distancing practiced if you go around public places banks and offices. Closing churches did prevent people from joining a mass gathering but have they checked Government departments and other government buildings? If they can allow buses and shops to open at their normal times then why not churches too? It's just one day of the week and all these businesses and buses go around and open six days of the week. Closing churches and other places just add fears to people and praying from home is not the same as praying and visiting the holy temples of God.

Fale Malupue, 56, Samusu

The Government should allow people to go to church, if the Lord decides to take us tomorrow then how are we going to save ourselves? It's just Wednesday and we're three days away from Sunday, I'm certain that everyone will be doomed. We are very lucky that we are safe from the disease but for how long? Only God knows and if we don't go to church and thank him as a congregation and as a group of believers then there is no point. Other people are only reminded of how great the Lord is when it is time to go to church, but right now people are just staying home and forgetting to pray, because they are now used to staying locked in their houses.

Tafia Pouvili, 50, Lalomanu

The Government has completely neglect what should be a priority, it is true we all need money but what if all the money in the world disappears? We will turn to God and ask for him to deliver and provide for us. We are being run like other countries and it is sad to see and know that there is no special feeling about Sundays and it is just like every other day of the week. If they allow buses and other businesses to open then they should allow people to visit their churches and give thanks to the Almighty for protecting us from the COVID-19. The last thing we want to hear is a confirmed case in the country and if we continue to close our church doors then our safety is not assured!

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