The end is near indeed

Dear Editor,

Maybe this is the time appropriate for me to comment to the writings of our friend Leituala a few weeks back and to put forth another point of view where only a few share it’s legitimacy and I hope our friend Leituala will also participate, as I believe he has dared gone a little deeper into the source of why things appear as they appear to be, then normal curiosity permits. 

I’m a great fan of Savea Sano’s writing especially when he rebuke someone in elements of principles, nevertheless, I must admit in total disagreement with him here, in this issue of Donald Trump, and how it affects us all in Samoa; from the land lease bill, to immigration, to Mossack Fonsecca to the Chinese and everything else in our livelihood in Samoa.

Donald Trump claims in numerous occasions that the media is ‘notoriously unreliable,’ was the thing that puzzled me since we watch CNN, FOX, CBS, NBC, BBC etc etc...all the time and these people are professionals in seeking out the truth, legally.

The word here to understand is LEGALLY.

The difference between what’s legal and what’s right should be the onus of my writing today as I believe the editorial makes an unfair summation of this concept of truth, as Samoa Observer, a great advocate of the truth, and to offer a counter balance to the character of Mr Trump, which in my humble view is the only hope not only for America but our world as a whole.

New York Times is one of those newspapers that supports the ‘establishment’ so to speak, and since the Trump is not from the establishment, every effort by these established media machine to derailed his campaign including lying legally to paint an image that he’s a racist, a hater of blacks, Latinos, and everybody there that is not white. They (media) appears to be quite successful, in that if the views shared by this paper is the judge, then the established media has achieved it’s purpose to deceive and derailed the course of public knowledge of the truth.

I started following this line of research as Leituala pointed out a few weeks ago in similarity, when I lost my previous job 8 years ago, mainly because of the stock market crash of 2008. It was just a matter of interest to find out why, and it turn out 8 years later as an obsession into unraveling the mystery of truth.

Everything I wrote in this medium there after is about the truth, the motive behind as to why things are, and what it is.

The culprit in all the happenings, is money.

Control the money and you control the world.

Remember Jesus said ‘the cause of all evil is money.’

I started reading into the Lehman Bros and Fanny May, the 2 biggest culprits of the 2008 crash and into how vulnerable the world is, to put all it’s eggs in one basket called the Derivative Market, which basically is a world stage casino, or the stock market. From there I discovered the real kings of the world, and a life time fraud in the American financial establishment called the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserves is an established group of bankers that came together and hold America at ransom through its own constitution by controlling the right to print and distribute the dollar.

The Federal Reserve is NOT the equivalent of the central bank of Samoa. It is totally free of the central government and accountable to no one and yet it has total control of how the money is produced and distributed.

How? By holding the government at ransom through it’s debts. Remember the phrase ‘the borrower is a slave to the lender’?

Where does Donald Trump fit in to all this? If anyone’s being following the race to the White House in details then one should observe Trump using this phrase in numerous occasions, ‘I’m not a globalist, I’m an American First’.

That is the key to understanding what’s behind the scene all along. What is a globalist? A globalist is an advocate of the one world order, one world religion, one world currency, one world government, in other words, one world control.

Starting to paint a picture of things to come?

This is prophesy in the book of Daniels and the Revelations in the end times control of the Anti Christ. It’s unraveling before our very eyes and only the blind in the spirit cannot see.

The elimination of Saddam Hussein, Gadaffi, Assad in Syria, Yemen and lastly Iran was by design.

Why because all of these Muslim countries were conspiring to sell oil in exchange for gold instead of the dollar, which the green pack is the currency of exchange. Now guess what’s gonna happen with the Western dominance if this was to eventuate. This is the reason behind September 11th, being ALLOWED to happen. The rest is history.

America went to war and this is exceptionally good for the bankers or at least the element of control that is running America because the national debt sky rocketed to 19 trillion dollars, which translate to America, thence the world, will always be in the control of the financiers or the few hands that controls the dollar.

Where does Benghazi and the Clinton lies, come into play?

It’s just a mini September 11. A conspiracy at the highest level. A cover up by the US government again, to force America into war, this time with Iran, with the help of the house of Saud, the single most significant contributor to the Clinton foundation. This war was only aborted at the last minute when the Russians unexpectedly got involved in Syria and that was too much a proposition for the US war machine, only last year.

You may have read or heard lately that Iran and Saudi Arabia were in the verge of war just a year ago, because one was Sunni and the other was Shiite. A perfect catalyst for war.

America will give them (the house of Saud) that war in return, the US dollar will remain the currency of trade for oil instead of the Renmenbi or the Chinese dollar.

I can go on for a few more pages on how the global agenda for control is the single most dominant force in play at the moment but that’s for another day.

About Donald Trump.

Both the republicans and democrats are in the hands of these financiers, controllers is the better word.

Because the controllers plays both sides of the White House, it doesn’t really matter which one wins, the Federal Reserve or the force behind it, still controls America.

You may recall Paul Ryan the speaker of the house reluctantly endorses Trump as the nomination for the Republicans. Why because Paul Ryan was put there by the establishment, or the force or the controllers. He is groomed to be the next president in waiting after Clinton, both of which are controlled by the establishment, until Donald Trump crashes the party.

So where does the media comes in this as claimed by Trump as ‘notoriously unreliable’. The media is finance by the same financial institute that finances the campaigns, the presidency, CNN CBS FOX NBC etc etc...and they have been ordered to report on the short comings of Trump only, by their financial handlers, and not on Clinton, because Trump is not an establishment candidate. The media can choose it’s own battles to change the perception of the receivers. So naturally, the only things that we see in the establishment media are the bad things about Trump and never about Bill Clinton, a pedophile, an abuser of women, while the wife as secretary of state allowed the Benghazi mission to be assassinated just to cover up a plot of control, through the oil dollar or the house of Saud, which is the only thing that’s holding up the American dollar from collapsing.

Let me get back to the baseline of the editor’s article as Trump being a racist and the wrong man for the white house.

Being a businessman (Trump) some 20-30 years ago, his business was the soul orientation of his life.

Success by all means.

Any businessman will vouch for that truth.

The ‘Blacks’ at the time was seen as a low class clientele. Trump is far from being noble, I agree, but it was the life of the time. Right or wrong, it was business. His business convictions was above his moral compass and he is guilty of that. Any good businessman is guilty of that.

I remember as a young boy, my mom banishing me from hanging out with my relatives from Savaii who were staying with us at the time, after dark, in case I might be contaminated by the fowl language and the behavior of my older cousins. Does that make her a racist against the Savaii people? No. She was only looking after my interests, the same way Trump is looking after his interest.

That can be argued, but the smoking guns of cover ups by the Democratic government is far more a proposition too dangerous if not understood.

The one thing I am positive about is that being racist and being a good businessman is incompatible. You’ll either be one or the other and he’s (Trump) already have an impeccable business record so the other claim is, in my opinion a mere smear, to discredit a character.

What’s this got to do with Samoa?

Need I remind anyone of land lease bill, the Sogi people and their land, Mossack Fonsecca affairs, the Chinese fishing licenses bla bla bla...This is the same element of control that’s forcing the hand of our government into complying, if we do not recover our debts. Since we do not have the ability to recover our debts the same way America is unable to recover it’s debts, we are now slaves to what Leituala put’s it, and rightly so, at the mercy of our new owners, the World Bank, the Asia Bank which are all products of the American financial institute.

Lastly, and I know this has gone way too long for our Samoa Observer friends, analysts’ who are much more educated then me in this issue have hinted a WW3 very shortly, and I mean in the next couple of months, just to mask the US debt, and a very good means of maintaining control.

One even forecast something bad happening to the world before or shortly after the US election. If anyone recalls, the change of presidency in the White House in the year 2000 shortly followed by Sept 11th. The change of Presidents again in 2008 let to the market crash which nearly took the world economy with it.

Coincidence? It’s nice to have a back up theory just in case.

There will be a new president in 2016, Clinton is looking for war because she from the establishment, whilst Donald’s weakness is that maybe he’s far too popular or too outspoken or too human to be an establishment man.

The editor mentioned the Great Abraham Lincoln a few times. He was outspoken in the issues of righteousness and he got a bullet for it.

JFK in one of his speeches mentioned his determination to unmask the secret forces that are controlling the American government. He got a bullet as a compliment too.

Trump? There’s already been an attempt on his life only last week, but did the establishment media reported it? I bet most of you didn’t know that.

In my own summation of the truth, this is a world we’re in that the bad guys are viewed as good and the good guys are considered the bad guys.

The reverse polarity, which only means one thing ... the end is near.



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