Break the cycle

Re: Billions possible in trade, investment

Very predictable and expected from Stui’s mouthpiece. It’s always a good time to be alive because of many foreign aid and donations from overseas arriving everyday. 

You don’t have to work, there’s always money from donations, its like UNICEF feeding poor African countries. Mind you, you only get donations if you ask for help, and for Samoa’s high paid government officials. 

That’s the best thing they can do, they “beg” for foreign assistances, unlike those people in the private sector who have ‘legitimate’ means of making money. 

That can only be attributed to “development starts at home”, if a child was brought up in the Truth. 

Then we should expect the child to carry that moral discipline to his/her adulthood as guiding principles. If “development starts at home” I can see now why H.R.P.P cohorts are fearless in transgressing the law, everything starts at home. 

But of course, there comes a time when we all have to make our own decisions. 

Is a grown man capable of making decision? Yes of course, even a prostitute is capable of making good decisions. 

However most prostitutes are victims of circumstances, people that come from broken homes and have very little parental guidance or being morally disciplined for that matter so they are susceptible to temptations because they know very little about the difference between Good and Bad. 

How about corrupt government officials of Samoa, were they from broken homes or are they capable of making good decisions? 

Se malo sole Pedro, it’s time to break the cycle!


Le Mafa P

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