Samoa simply stunning

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 07 October 2017, 12:00AM

The Chambers family has been in Samoa for two weeks.

They are busy picking up some last minute souvenirs at the Savalalo market for their family and friends back home.  

After bartering with one of the market sellers, Nicholas Chambers spoke with Dear Tourist about his family’s adventure in Samoa and it was pretty obvious that they were captivated with the beauty of our land and ocean life.

 “It’s the second week of the holidays and we have been here for almost all that time - we are leaving tomorrow,” said Nicholas.

 “This is our first time to Samoa and it’s absolutely what we expected, it’s gorgeous. We swum with the turtles and then also swum out to the clams. We’ve been to the waterfalls and the resort is just gorgeous. We are staying out at Coconuts - it’s absolutely fabulous out there.”

Because it was the school holidays, Rhima pointed out that one of the reasons they decided to come out to Samoa in particular, was because her boys were big fans of several Samoan rugby players in Australia and they were curious about where they came from.

“We like to look at Pacific Island areas so it was actually the idea of one of our boys because of the rugby players and so we thought this was a good idea this time to come out here. So we can explore the culture, it’s a beautiful and gorgeous country, we love it.”

The boys have had a great time here and told us about what stood out about their time here in Samoa.

“We’ve been to Vanuatu before and we notice some differences.” said Kelvin, 

“It’s really relaxing and we loved swimming at the beach and the pool as well. It’s really nice to stay out there at Coconuts.”

Little brother Michael added, “Yeah for me it’s been pretty good, I would say swimming with the clams stood out for me.”

Rhima told Dear Tourist that it had been so easy to holiday here in Samoa and she felt happy that her boys got to experience two types of worlds.

“It’s so nice here; you get to have the best of both worlds. You have all the comforts that you enjoy at home but you got all this beautiful culture, food, beaches, and paradise.”

The Chambers family said they would continue exploring further into the Pacific Island for future family trips but Samoa had left a big impression on them.  They were looking forward to telling their friends back home about Samoa and the spell she cast over them.

“We would absolutely tell our friends, it’s such a great place to relax. It is very, very beautiful and the people are absolutely stunning. They are really lovely and nice - even when you’re in the resorts you sort of expect it but out on the street, everyone is lovely as well and ready to help when we want to ask anything.”

By Elizabeth Ah-Hi 07 October 2017, 12:00AM
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