Deacon finds revelation at home

Streets in Samoa on Good Friday would usually be filled with Catholics performing the "Station of the Cross". But the state of emergency orders has limited these gatherings to within people's homes.

Deacon Paul Nansen of the New Pentecost Catholic parish of Vailima told the Samoa Observer in an interview that the Church is following state of emergency (S.O.E.) orders by keeping their observances in their own homes. 

"Our parish followed these orders. Every family held their own Station of the Cross within their homes. Me and my family did not go to the Cathedral, we had our own station of the cross here and that is the same with everyone else," he said.

"Whoever will lead the service in the family may do it but the most important thing is performing it."

Deacon Nansen reflected on the meaning of the Easter season and Good Friday in particular.

"Everything that leads up to Easter Sunday is all in the Bible. Yesterday was Holy Thursday where we remember when Jesus Christ instituted the Eucharist during the Last Supper which is the importance of the service last night," he said.

He further explained that Good Friday is the day we remember the sacrifice that was made by our Lord Jesus Christ which is done every year by Catholics through the "Stations of the Cross."

"On Friday, this is the day we remember the sacrifice of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Station of the Cross that we have been doing each Friday for the past 40 days to this day. So this is where we remember each step Jesus took up to the moment he was crucified," he said.

"The Catholic Church remembers this every year through the Station of the Cross which is today on Good Friday."

Deacon Nansen told the Samoa Observer that he likes the depiction of the prisoner Barabbas in the Bible. He compared everyone to Barabbas who is a sinner - just as Jesus came to free others from sin.

"In another way of saying this, Jesus came to free us because we are sinners," he said.

He said it is never too late to seek forgiveness from God. He related this to the prisoner that was crucified next to Jesus who asked Jesus to remember him when Jesus entered His Kingdom.

Deacon Nansen stated that the word 'corona' comes from the word crown.

"If you think deeply about it, the Crown of Mercy should be worn by everyone," he said.

People may have their own crowns such as money and power so he looked deeply into what the world is going through right now and said that he sees the current situation as a message for people to put down their crowns.

"This looks like a message that it is about time to put down those crowns because all those crowns are viruses. It is about time to put down these crowns and we should wear the Crown of Mercy, that is the message that I am looking at right now. Put our trust in God," he added.

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