Public for S.O.E. extension, appeal for workers' benefits

By Maggie Kelekolio 08 April 2020, 2:00PM

Eni Ulia, 25, Lotopa

The Government has done a good job and made a great decision to stop flights coming into and going out of the country. However, the effects of adding another four weeks is hard for those who rely on one working member of the family and those without vehicles. The Government should have a backup plan for these disadvantaged people, like allowing a few buses for transportation with strict orders on the number of passengers and specific times for them to catch these buses.

Sandra Laufili, 40, Saleimoa

If the borders are closed then we have nothing to worry about! The only cause for a COVID-19 case in the country is someone from overseas and we have placed some people in quarantine for 14 days which is great with daily updates from the M.O.H. and Government. If the Government is offering funds and donations for the country then I suggest that they distribute it directly to the families as council leaders and chiefs can be corrupt and unfair when handling such things. The Government should allow buses for transportation until we have a confirmed case or cases then buses should be stopped. 

Saufua Laau, 24, Faleasiu

The Government should subsidise our local produce, especially farmers and their crops. Most shops and stores are closed and the big companies and Chinese are benefiting from this while our sellers at the markets aren't earning any income. If the Government's incentive is paid to these small agribusinesses, agricultural organizations and farms then it will definitely supplement their income, even if it's a small amount of funding provided to them. 

Jay Semo Samau, 16, Leone

If we are going to be lockdown for the next four weeks then I suggest the Government should continue to keep the border closed as allowing people to enter Samoa will only increase the risk. The P.M. is doing a great job and as long as our borders are closed then we don't have to worry about COVID-19. To minimise mass gatherings of people, Government officials like the M.O.H. and Police should conduct daily or weekly inspections to ensure that people are following S.O.E. orders to prevent the spread of COVID-19, even if we don't have any confirmed cases.

Mikaele Tevaga, 20, Vailima

Some people are unemployed because of the S.O.E. and this extension only means that there will be no income for them. We are doing great and it is amazing how our Government is handling this crisis despite its impact on everyone. Raising the hourly rates for employees should be done because we are closing early, our working hours are also shortened and there is no overtime. If the Government can look into increasing pay rates for all employees then it will help and motivate people to go to work. 

Taa Onosai, 50, Falealili

Our health facilities and supplies should be the main focus of our Government. The hospital out of all places should be equipped and prepared at all times, it is a concern that our hospital is sometimes short in supply or just runs out of hand sanitisers and masks. How can they set examples and encourage hygiene if they do not practise what they are promoting and encouraging? The Government should focus on health because you cannot treat a COVID-19 patient at home but in the hospital.

By Maggie Kelekolio 08 April 2020, 2:00PM

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