Free world needs strong U.S.A.

Dear Editor,

What is it with Damascus? Apostle Paul had his 180-degree turnaround and now Trump. 

President Donald Trump was never going to be involved in Syria’s war, but 72 hours after Assad’s chemical strike on his own people, Trump was dispatching 60 tomahawk missiles onto one of Syria’s six military airfields. 

Trump’s conscience was so violated by the pictures of the dead from the chemical attacks especially children that willing and able he did respond with the missile strike. 

In doing so he assuaged the international conscience wilfully violated by the obnoxious pictures of the dead from Assad’s despicable chemical attack. 

Russia is implicated if not complicit in Assad’s dark deeds.  Lets pray for President Donald Trump as he faces the North Korean Kim Jong-un with his growing uranium addiction and a program to reach the U.S. with his nuclear armed rockets. 

I doubt if there will be a free world without the U.S.A as we know it, helmed by and administration with strong Judeo-Christian moral underpinnings. (Our conscience is our Godly DNA, our moral compass. 

Its willful violation will only end with our destruction.)




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