Why govt. shouldn’t tax church Ministers

Dear Editor,

The Question is: Should the independent government of Samoa tax religious Ministers or Faafeagaiga a nu’u ma afioaga o Samoa?

My Answer Is NO ! 

Why?  Because of four reasons based on  Samoa Matai Culture Principles which I profess herein:


1. A Matai is the Ositaulaga of the Extended  Family, that elected, chosen,  and  appointed him/her as a Matai; and among other urgent duties, are  to lead the Extended Family in every early Evening and early Morning  Prayers of  Thanksgiving to the Living God of Samoa in Daily Family Worship;  and in the Matai  Council Village, Worship  to the Same  Living God of Samoa, in collectively conducting the Ava  Ceremony,  as  the  Official  Opening  and  Closing  Worship, of every   Fono  a Matai , or  the  Village Council of Matai, throughout Samoa, from time immemorial.

2. Everything in our World is of The living God of Samoa and All Countries of our Whole World.

3. The Modern Matai  Government of  the Independent State of Samoa,  is Founded on the Everlasting Loving and Living 

God of Samoa, and  the Whole World.

4. Matai,  as Ositaulaga;  and Religious Ministers,  as Faafegaiga  (of Different Christian Churches Denominations in Villages of Samoa)   are exempted from paying tax, under the Samoa Constitution,  because all necessities  for their upkeep:  be them  in money, goods and services are all freely rendered,  in accordance  to  Samoan Customs and Usage.

Hence,  the very reasons why Sua, Tofa, Lafo,  Inati, Alofa, Peleti, Tausiga, Pasese, etc.,  in terms of Money, Fine Mats, Siapo, Vala, Goods and Services to Matai who are also Ositaulga, and to  Religious Ministers as Faafeagaiga, of  Nuu ma Afioaga of Matai  of Samoa, are customarily rendered as Taulaga Osi,  or Services rendered as TAUTUA, and  are exempted as income earnings that are  Taxable , in accordance to the Constitution, and present  laws, of our Independent State of Samoa. 

In short, if Matai:  Sua, Tofa, and Lafo, are not Taxable Incomes, in accordance to  Customs and Usages  of the Samoans now;  why are Alofa and Peleti of Religious Ministers, who are Faa-Feagaiga of Samoa Matai Village Councils,  to be taxed as income,  if the proposed law is passed by Matai  of the Samoa  Parliament,  including the Head of State!  What is the reason for  panic, and  what  emergency  is upon Samoa now!  and why is the H.R.P.P. Cabinet taking  this drastic step now!.  

THE FINAL QUESTION IS:  ARE THERE NO MORE PSALMS IN GILIAD?  The Samoans live and die in Expressing, Glorifying, and Worshiping their LOVING LIVING GOD OF  ABUNDANCE:  God The Father, The  Son, and The Holy Spirit, TAGA LOA  LAGI:  and NEVER, the dead god of SCARCITY!

 Soifua ma Ia Manuia:  Le Malo Tutoatasi Faamatai ma  Filemu Moni , o Samoa, e Tasi ae Afe!


Le Tagaloa Dr. Pitapola J. Ala’ilima 

O le Matua o Faiva Faiaoga i Mataupu Faa Samoa;   o Le Tamaoiga Faamatai; ma Le Fatuaiga Faamaketi  Fou:  I Le Iunivesite o le Amosa o Savavau, Vaitele, Faleata.

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