Can you answer these questions too?

Dear Editor,

Re: You sound like your uncle 


P.S. Jeffrey, you still sound like your uncle hahaha. 

Ok I admit I should’ve stated it’s the total debt over the years, my bad. 

However you did say that debt is being repaid with SAT$33 million/year for 30 years, so does this mean our national debt will always stay around SAT$1 billion mark and never increase? 

I mean with all these finished projects and more in the pipeline surely the debt will increase. Now with the amount I said your uncle quoted the US$4 billion or SAT$10.1 billion that amount is for the new loans for the new projects.

It may not be the yearly debt but it will still be added to our national debt. It’s in the papers and you can go read it for yourself. 

Again with the national debt ever increasing how will our country maintain the repayments? 

What will be used as collateral for these huge loans? What will be the new repayments when the US$4 billion is added on to the national debt? 

You seem pleased with your numbers about the government budget of around SAT$800 million with over SAT$600 million from revenue, if the government has all this money, why are there families still living in poverty without the basic necessities like running water and electricity? 

Why are school age kids running around town selling stuff to help their families meet the high cost of living? 

Why does the health system struggle and is not up to par, yet we have new facilities and amenities? 

Now I don’t know if you can answer these legitimate questions and many more that the people want answers to, and not my mistake of quoting the annual debt.


Oi Sole

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