Service is the pathway to success

By Talimalie Uta 10 September 2017, 12:00AM

Service is the pathway to success. That is the guiding beacon for 20 year old Viliamu Tito, of Leauvaa Uta. An untitled man or taule’ale’a Viliamu believes in the true meaning of that Samoan quote.

Viliamu’s duties and responsibilities within his family are to do the daily chores. 

“To me personally, there is nothing wrong or hard about staying home and serving the family in that manner. 

 “If you do it wholeheartedly you will be rewarded and mind you, there is nothing that comes easy, it is expected that if you to be successful, you must work towards it. 

“Samoan men are taught that when you become a Chief you have to make certain sacrifices for the families that you have pledged to serve.”

 Viliamu said the eagerness to serve his family came from observing his father, uncles and untitled men. 

“They work hard in everything they do, whether its chores in the family, village affairs, the men in my family put effort in what they do.”

 Viliamu emphasized that honesty must be the core foundation of what you do in life and in anything you do.

 The young man also sends out a strong encouraging message to the youth who have failed in being upstanding citizens. 

“In this life we are given many chances to make amends and rebuild ourselves become better person that you were yesterday.” 

Viliamu also spoke about the untitled men who don’t want to participate in village affairs. 

“I don’t know why is it is so hard for them, if you have pride in your family and village this is the actions you take. You become active and should be a part of the village police. 

“I take pride in being an untitled man, because the time will come when I will get my reward for my service to my family and village. 

“As a taule’ale’a I will do my work and serve my villages and families,” said Viliamu. 

By Talimalie Uta 10 September 2017, 12:00AM

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