Let’s stop this colonial mentality

Dear Editor,

Re: Govt. decision idiotic 

My oh my, we are so ill-informed. If we don’t see the big picture we’ll never understand why tough decisions are made. We can’t wear blinkers while carving up the Samoan Govt for making a bold statement. 

How can we be patriotic Samoans if we threat not to fly with our national carrier? Before we belittle the efforts of Samoa Airways because they have only one paltry aircraft, remember that a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Let’s stop barking up the wrong tree. The Samoan Govt. did not sell the 6,000 tickets that are now in limbo. Virgin sold them illegally before they could secure a license.

Virgin is responsible to those passengers.

Look at Virgin’s message again.... “Virgin Australia wishes to advise you that the Samoan Government has denied authorisation of our scheduled services between Apia and Auckland.” 

Talk about shifting blame to someone else to muffle your own stuff ups. 

Why didn’t they say....”Virgin Australia wishes to advise that we illegally sold airline tickets to you before we acquired the appropriate licenses to fly the Auckland-Apia route.

We apologise for any inconveniences and we should reschedule your flights at no extra costs.”

Let’s not be naive and ridicule the P.M. and his team. It didn’t matter if it were 6 tickets or 60,000 tickets. The bottom line is the SELLER is accountable.

But hang on! 

How can they afford to cover any costs for rescheduling 6,000 tickets when Virgin just recently gave their C.E.O a $1.8 million pay rise even though they ran at a $186 million net loss in the 2017 financial year? 

But that’s beside the point, you might say.

Here’s a simple scenario...Now let’s say Apollo Cinemas (Apia) sold you prepaid movie tickets for an upcoming blockbuster to be screened in Jan 2018. Then on Monday you get a message from them...”Apollo Cinemas wishes to advise you that Universal Studios has denied authorisation of our scheduled screening in Apia, blah! blah! blah!”

I know where I’d go to blow flames through my nostrils and get my refund from....and it won’t be Universal.

Let’s stop this colonial era mentality. Be bold and ask questions. It’s not hard to dig up information. They’re all in our fingertips. Let’s not jump every time someone makes a statement. On this issue, I stand by our P.M.



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