Why the government is right about Virgin

Dear Editor,

Interesting reading your editorial about the latest development with Virgin Samoa. Your piece seems to be leaning on blaming us for Virgin’s decision to go ahead and sell tickets before and agreement is reached. 

You readily put the blame for those 6000 unfortunate passengers on our basket when it is Virgin whom was knowingly doing it even though it is wrong. 

You also stated in your report that Virgin indicated that it was normal for business as such to go ahead and sell tickets before an accord is reached. 

Who’s rules are we playing this venture or transaction with? 

Virgin’s rules or the rule of right and wrong?

You incorrectly stated that right from day one Virgin put in an application to continue the services to Samoa. It is my understanding that Virgin put in an application for 881 seats to Samoa from Australia. 

Correct me on this as I spend a lot of time on business and I may have missed that ‘in the beginning application.’

Should we decline that application we’ve done nothing wrong outside the norms in this business, however, mostly irresponsible of Virgin to assume normal operations after the arrogance they’ve shown us over the years.

Virgin has been wriggling around like a burnt worm, so we must be doing something right. I’m a patriot, Editor, just like you.

I am with my people first and it boils my blood when colonists tries to cause me to fight my brothers by misleading doctored claims like “it’s out of our control” or the Samoan government refuses...” and play us for fools.

Please if it’s not much to ask, explain to our community locally and abroad that it is not our fault that they are stranded like it is. 

Virgin is responsible and it’s all their fault. As with domestic politics I will continue to carry the yardstick with H.R.P.P’s name in it as always.



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