No such thing as fair competition

Dear Editor

I disagree with your editorial about Virgin Australia.

There is no such thing as fair competition for small poor countries that involve dealings with rich countries and their citizens. 

Don’t be so stupid Samoa Observer.

It’s better for the Samoan government to protect their industries from companies like Virgin with the Fijian governments help. 

The government is better to own their own Airline and keep fares low by subsidizing the Airline. 

That is how the Samoan tourist industry will survive. 

If they let Virgin control their tourist industry they will always be vulnerable because Virgin has more money. 

Richard Branson has more money than all the small islands in the South Pacific combined. There is no way for Samoan airlines to compete without government support because there is no such thing as fair competition. 

It’s a myth perpetuated be wealthy capitalist elites so they can get rich while you stay poor.

A story the Samoa Observer should be following right now is what is going on in Puerto Rico with Whitefish and Cobra energy contracts being signed by PREPA. Whitefish/Ryan Zilke, Cobra/Scott Pruitt. 

This is called using an opportunity for capitalists to make money by ripping people of color off when they are most vulnerable. 

This is a island nation that has been destroyed by a natural disaster and is now being exploited by the hedge fund vultures, corrupt government officials both in and outside of Puerto Rico, laws are being broken, and suspect contracts are being signed to rebuild Puerto Rico. 

This is how small island nations with people of color are treated. Haiti was treated like this, now Puerto Rico. 

Will Samoa be next after they let all the foreigners in to privatize the Samoan people’s lands and put them out of their small mom and pop businesses? 

Pay attention! 

The Mexican electrical Union has offered to rebuild the Puerto Rican electrical system for much less than these companies tied to Ryan Zilkie and Scott Pruitt have. 

It’s corruption at the highest levels and the term to describe these practices is called “Shock Doctrine”, which describes disaster capitalism in action.

Disaster capitalism is not conducted for the benefit of the people affected by natural disasters but rather to benefit the already very rich capitalists and their friends.


Wendy Wonder

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