Zionism and creation of Israel

Dear Editor,

Re: U.N. on Jerusalem 

Zionism and the creation of Israel amounts to a latter day colonization of non-European land by European settlers. 

The Jewish minority living among a vast Arab majority opposed Zionism, knowing it would destroy their peaceful existence. 

Many Jews in Europe also opposed it, regarding the movement as a racist ploy to rid the continent of their kind, when they had been living there since the Middle Ages. 

But there is nothing at all that connected the European Zionists to Israel. They didn’t speak the language, never had, while ethnically there is no proof they have any Middle Eastern ancestry at all. 

Israeli scholar and author Schlomo Sand has traced their origins back to the Caspian region north of Iran, fact. The idea all Jews came from Israel is as preposterous as the notion all Muslims came from Arabia or all Christians came from Rome. Some Israelis claim DNA tests prove they have Israeli ancestry. Well that’s curious, because the Bible itself tells us the Jews did not originate in Israel but conquered it from the Canaanites. 

It then ceased to exist for nearly 2000 years. 

Judaism is a religion. Semites are a language group, dominated by Arabic-speakers, and originated in the Arabian peninsula. 

There is no Jewish race any more than there is a Muslim race or a Christian race. So Zionists from Europe have no legitimate claim whatsoever to Palestinian land just because religious texts say it was part of a Jewish kingdom for a certain period of time some millenia ago.


Mustafa Kemal 

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