S.S.A.B’s makes Valentines Day extra special

By Deidre Fanene 18 February 2017, 12:00AM

Valentine is about love and with that it drove the Samoa Stationery and Books to love and value their customers.

For the past 20 days, S.S.A.B held a Valentine Promotion where they partnered with Upper touch, Connexions, Misiluki Day Spa and Loralei to give back to the community and make this year’s Valentines extra special.

Customers had to spend $30 or more at S.S.A.B. Megastore and win one of the vouchers sponsored by their said partners.

The four lucky winners were Vicky Chandra, Melody Pepe Solomona, Paleatasala Leone and Helen.

Vicky Chandra received the gift voucher from Loralei worth $200.

“I can’t explain. I am just so happy,” she said.

“I even screamed when I received the call from S.S.A.B that I have won the $200tala voucher from Loralei who is one of their partners sponsoring the Valentines promotion.”

“I spent $160.00 tala at SSAB Megastore but it’s all worth it and I have been doing my shopping for my kids.”

“I am going to use this voucher to do my shopping and also a gift for my son in Fiji as I will be in Fiji in two weeks time.” 

“Thank you SSAB for the offers, prices much cheaper, great customer service and that is how you encourage s customers to buy, I always see smiles in SSAB when I enter the store all the time.”

Melody PepeSolomona won a $200 voucher from Connexions.Her voucher was uplifted by her mother Papalii Peone Fuimaono – Solomona.

“I came in last weekend on Saturday to do my purchase. But I was very happy on yesterday when I received the call from S.S.A.B I have won one of the four vouchers for the Valentine’s promotion,” she said.“I got three receipts, got three entries, my two boys didn’t win but I’m very happy my daughter did.”

“Will certainly come to Connexions as a family and spend this voucher very suitable for our family of six, if not today then tomorrow when everyone is free.”

“Thank you for giving back many of S.S.A.B’s promotions for us we can that day. We spent about $200 when we came in to purchase and now we’ve gotten it back,” she said.

Papali’i is one of the prominent position holder at M.E.S.C. and shethank S.S.A.B. especially for supporting Literacy.

“We feel very privileged that S.S.A.B. supports activity on a national level but also promotions they run for the community,” she said.“I am joyful because I can now get to give my kids a treatment”

Grace Isaia Leone said that she is very excited when she received the call from S.S.A.B.

“I bought a washing machine when I came in that day and I’m very happy that I have been rewarded with this voucher from Misiluki Day Spa,” she said.“Washing machines, stationery and home appliances are the products that I always look out for when SSAB has their specials. 

“Keep up the great job S.S.A.B. S.S.A.B. is the best. More specials and thank you for making purchasing needs for Samoan people a lot easier. “

S.S.A.B’s Marketing manager, Asia Stanley, said this is the first time S.S.A.B. has partnered with four companies at Samoa’s only Megatsore for this particular promotion.

“Our C.E.O and President Fiti Leung Wai emphasised the significance of collaborating and working together with different companies to achieve the goal of giving back to the our people,” she said.

“We believe in rewarding our customers and this is not the first time the company has done it.

“We would like to thank our business partners, Connexions Cafe, Upper Touch, Misiluki Day Spa and Loralei Gift Shop.S.S.A.B’s Valentine Promotion would not have been more fun without your support.”

By Deidre Fanene 18 February 2017, 12:00AM

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