Public urge parents to be wary of child's mobile phone use

By Vaelei Von Dincklage 27 February 2020, 7:00AM

Tagaloa Ieremia, Vaitele Tai, 60

The youth today are very smart when it comes to social media, the young ones are advanced when it comes to the use of technology. I have kids who are in college and I never let them use phones. If they go to school and if there are any changes to their schedule then they will use their school's phone to contact me and let me know. I want to advice the parents not to encourage their kids to use social media because it is not a healthy thing for kids.

Fetu Lauano, Falelauniu, 56

For me, phones and iPads are the most used technologies by the young ones. But I suggest that parents should not give their kids time to play with phones. This can impact the kids' mind negatively. We don't know what our kids are watching on the different websites they visit. Sometimes when these kids are into a program on the internet and you try to tell them to do chores, they will not listen and they will continue to do what they want.

Malo Faamausili, Solosolo, 45

I have kids from 2 to 5 years of age and I do not encourage them to use any phones, even if they want to play with it or watch school videos. This is not a matter to joke about, social media today can have a positive effect if they are used for the right reasons. But if the kids abuse it then that's where the bad comes in. When kids watch videos on phones they will not want to be disturbed.

Karen Esau, Vaitele Fou, 52

Honestly, I don't know how to use social media and phones for that matter. But I have a nephew who is 4, he can view videos on the phone without anyone's help. I watch him do it by himself and it got me thinking that these young ones can do it while I can't. I can say that the generation of today are really smart with the use of social media and technologies than us during our time.

Ioane Sagato, Leauvaa, 39

The young ones around 8 to 10 years old are very advanced with the use of technologies. I can see how fast this generation is with the technology. What worries me is that not everything on social media is good for them, but who knows they might be watching websites that they are not suppose to watch. Social media can impact our children negatively and positively. It all depends on the kid himself.

By Vaelei Von Dincklage 27 February 2020, 7:00AM

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