Live and Learn

Think a minute…You’ve heard the expression, “Live and learn.” Sadly, some of us just live. But we don’t learn much. “We all make mistakes, but it’s the wise person who learns not to repeat them.”

In a way, our life is like a ship: we can steer it by the rudder or by the rocks. We can learn to read the signs and avoid trouble by making the right choices, or we can learn the painful, hard way by continuing to run into problems through our own wrong choices. 

So if we want a good life, we must be a good student of life. We need to realize we can learn something from everybody. Some people even teach us by their bad example how we should not live. A smart man said:  “We should learn from other people’s mistakes, since there is simply not enough time for us to make all of life’s mistakes ourselves.” Someone else said:  “I’ve learned silence from the talkative and kindness from the unkind.”  So our different teachers can include old people and young kids, friends and enemies. We can learn from good books, our memories, from winning, and from losing. 

On the humorous side, a little boy said, “I’ve learned that if I’m in trouble at school, I’m going to be in more trouble at home.” One husband said: “I’ve learned I should never praise my mother’s cooking while I’m eating my wife’s cooking.” An old woman remarked, “I’ve learned that 6-year-old children are the only ones who think it’s great when their teeth fall out.” One guy observed:  “I’ve learned that loaning money to family and friends causes them to lose their memory.” And a young adult sadly testified:  “I’ve learned you can do something in a moment that will give you pain and regret the rest of your life.”  

It is when we stop learning that we start getting bored. We humans are made with tremendous potential for always learning new things and how to do old things better. A successful businessman said:  “Anyone who stops learning grows old fast.” How about you? Are you growing better or just growing older? Why not ask Jesus to take control of your heart and way of living? He is the One Who can keep you from getting bored by teaching you His true, best way each day. Just think a minute...

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