F.B.I., O.L.P. and the government

Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. threatened with lawsuit over O.L.P.

If the F.B.I. was involved or is currently involved, then there’s the window of opportunity for the U.S. to investigate “money laundering” and “tax haven” in Samoa.

Government corruption, the refusal of Samoa’s leadership to tighten up international laws concerning tax haven and money laundering and so the country is still on E.U. blacklist.

The misappropriation of government funds in some government ministries is a crime against humanity. It means thousands of people have missed out on opportunities that should have bettered their lives. People are still without running clean water and electricity. Many more have departed this world because of underfunded and under-equipped health sector while the P.M. gets a warrant of fitness overseas.

Yet Stui is more concerned about silencing disgruntled citizens of Samoa. The question then is what is he going to do when he takes these lovely people to Court?

Is he going to take $9000,000 or more from the government to fund his court case just like the money he signed away from the government to fund defamation cases in 80s against the Samoa Observer?

It’s a huge sum of government money being used on a private matter, isn’t that the same as money being lost through government corruption like the O.P.C. Report 2010?

That sum of money could have saved a lot of lives at Moto’otua Hospital in the 80’s but sadly the government of the day were much more important than the common citizen.

How much money is Samoa getting from money laundering and what benefit is Samoa getting from these “illegal” activities?

I hope the F.B.I. and American government should look deep into Samoa’s activities, the lack of transparency suggest that Samoa may be a party (willing or unwilling) to the funneling of funds to terrorists groups worldwide and organised crimes. 

Let’s not forget taxes being denied to foreign countries because of Samoa’s tax havens so this is quite serious coming from the government.


Le Mafa P. 

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