The independent state of Samoa

Dear Editor,

Re: Why China’s growing influence is attracting global attention

Is it possible that Samoa can live sustainably and as a matter of principle, independently by herself, despite the so-called prosperity in Europe and other areas virtually unknown to Samoa at the time. 

The Samoan society once and for thousands of years thrived socially, economically and with clear lines of governance albeit local turmoil, without much foreign economic interference.

In saying that, I can’t believe the fact that your neo-con philosophy of development and common good for all, is based entirely on increased foreign debts and dependency.

It’s now 56 years since 1962 and the so-called independent state of Samoa is still - dependent, at least in terms of her economy and development.

Yet, the incumbent government of Samoa is also presently and evidently working towards the complete erosion of the independent governance of Samoa.

Pour editorial praised the increased number of foreign sources for further debts and options of dependence assistance for Samoa, yet the domestic primary and secondary production of the economic sector of the country aren’t even kept up with the amount of national debt incurred, and doubt they would ever be.

When do you think Samoa would ever truly become independent both socio-economically and more importantly in governance? 

Within the next 100 years? At the rate the media and government policies are going, I actually see a very different version of economy and governance in the independent state of Samoa by 2062.

Let us not delude ourselves further, Samoa was somewhat a independent state when their rights to their own lands were concreted by her Constitution.



With the new legalised and sanitized version of rights to customary lands ownership that the P.M. and his H.R.P.P. govt. have effectively introduced under the L.T.R.A. 2018, the independent state of Samoa is now well on her way towards becoming a fully fledged dependent state in terms of her economy and governance.

The Chinese state govt, the multinational corporations of America and their five eyes institutions (note govts of these western nations are run by the whim of oligarchies and wealthy corporations), plus the European elites have now slowly and surely morphed and molded the independent state of Samoa, into that of a dependent Samoa by year 2062.

The debts and foreign dependence would increasingly empower the governing voices of these foreign entities, which would inevitably determine the fate and future of all Samoans in the, by then, dependent state of Samoa.


Ropati V.

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