Public thank and congratulate Samoa Observer

23 August 2018, 12:00AM

Today Samoa Observer celebrates its 40 years anniversary. Deidre Fanene asks people on the street on what they think of this newspaper and what Samoa Observer stands for.

Kasandra Laufili 45, Saleimoa

The role of the paper is very important because not every family owns a TV, so this is how most families are informed of what is happening in country is through the paper. It’s cheap too only $2.50 they have facts of what they print, they have proof of what they publish in the paper so the role of the Samoa Observer is very important. Not only that but the newspaper is like a diary to other people because when they have events like reunions, birthdays and all that they would call the paper to take photos and write an article about and then that family will hold on to the paper for memories.


Faaeteete Usufono 60, Nofoalii

It’s very important because without the Samoa Observer newspaper we would not know what is going on in our country. Yes there are news on the television but not everyone has a television so role and the work of the Samoa is very important. And I would also like to wish Samoa Observer a happy birthday and may God continue to bless its leaders as well as the staff.


Ava’avau Ava’avau 53, Lelata

For me personally the Samoa Observer newspaper has done a lot and their role in a country like Samoa is very important. You see there are so many media outlets in Samoa but Samoa Observer is the only daily newspaper and they have some really valid issues that they put in the paper and this is why I am a really big fan of the paper.

Happy birthday Samoa Observer!


Tanuvasa Asela 50, Nofoalii

Samoa Observer is the voice of the people and that is why their role is very important in Samoa.

They raise issues that no other media raise and they are not afraid to speak the truth. This is the kind of paper that we really need in a country like this to inform the people of what is going on in the country.


Fatu Tanuvasa 40, Laulii

There is so much work that Samoa Observer has done and for them to reach this milestone is a moment that needs to be celebrated. They have been through so much in the past but they made it this far. Happy 40th anniversary Samoa Observer, God Bless!


Leitu Lelevaga 37, Utualii

To be honest I don’t read the paper but to me it is just another way of getting the news out to the people of what’s happening in our country.

But Happy 40th Anniversary Samoa Observer!


Mose Peter 34, Fagalii

A lot of people especially the Prime Minister complain about the Samoa Observer and how they should report on facts alone and I think that’s true. Their work is important because it will keep the people updated and informed of what is happening but they should report and write about facts only not their opinions.


Viliamu Neemia 42, Afega

Everyone knows how important the role of the Samoa Observer is. They inform us of what is happening around the globe especially in our small country. They publish what is happening in Samoa and especially how we are spending our money so it’s very important.


Marcus Fesolai 40, Faleasi’u

To me personally I think the Samoa Observer should come out to the public more often and ask of our opinion about certain issues. Issues that affects members of the public because to me there are so many things that we want to talk about but I hardly see the people who works for the Samoa Observer around here asking us of what we think of this issue. So I think in the future this is what needs to be improved.


TJ Russel Tuaia 20, Vaoala

It is through the paper that people come to know of what is happening around our country. But the paper also have a role to do and that is to report on facts only because there are a lot of people who are accusing Samoa Observer of lying so this is why they have to prove those people wrong.But Samoa Observer has done so much for the people of Samoa in terms of keeping us updated of what is going on.

23 August 2018, 12:00AM

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