No outside food   

In the tourism industry, Samoans are known for our hospitality. 

Warm, friendly and all so welcoming.

A couple of local families who checked into a very popular resort on the south side of Upolu last week didn’t exactly get that Samoan hospitality.

But that’s okay. 

This is Samoa where Samoans normally reserve their worst for other Samoans. Nothing new there.

But what really shocked the families was when some Asian men walked into the resort foyer with some noodles and other small stuff. 

A woman at the place walked out and asked if they were bringing food there.

She didn’t stop there. 

To the guests’ horror, she then proceeded to go through their bags. All this was happening while telling them “you cannot bring food in here. We have our own licensed restaurant you can use.”

Seriously? Where else in the world does that happen?

If that’s the case, they should make it part of their publicity campaign to tell guests they cannot bring food and that they must used their “licensed restaurant.” 

Wow. Just wow!


Not a care in the 

world about others

Speaking of wow moments, some of our people have absolutely no common sense.

A couple had ducked into Maccas to have a quiet breakfast on Sunday morning.

All was going well until a group from a certain church arrived.

They immediately pretended they owned the place.

To the couple’s amazement, they settled in and started doing their lauga from one end of the restaurant to the other, totally ignoring the fact there were other customers around.

Only in Samoa alright, a triple wow!


Something new 

The last wow is reserved for the daily dosage of local TV. 

Whether it’s local news or any other local programme, can we have a different subject away from Prime Minister Tuilaepa?

He is on all the channels, day and night.

Sometimes you have to thank God literally for E.F.K.S. TV and Kingdom TV. 

Here’s a hint. There are close to 190,000 people in Samoa. Try a different subject and a face now and then.

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