Where are your spin doctors? Get them to do some work

Dear Editor,

Re: I’m getting old, P.M. says 

Our Supreme leader has stated before that China only requires our vote in the UN and in return his H.R.P.P. government is granted concessional loans. 

So isn’t it ironic for someone like Stui who seems to micro manage every government department and entities but forgets how much our country owes China? 

Instead he deflect the question and reiterated the government has the capacity to service the loans as if to imply that people of Samoa should not worry about it. Perhaps if he is too old to remember things he should consider stepping down.

Lately I have been hearing, seeing and reading a lot about the passive invasion of countries by the Chinese. 

So I am very skeptical about their intentions sung by Stui and his supporters. This passive invasion starts from these so-called loans/grants used as Trojan horses for debt traps. Then eventual take over of assets or infrastructures when loans default. Also the leasing of lands to set up businesses which supposedly are to help develop economies but instead it is followed by the trickling effect of Chinese chain migration.

Also these O.D.A. loans have clauses that projects are to be built by Chinese construction companies, that import their own building materials and use Chinese labourers. 

So who really benefits from these O.D.A. loans? Most of the money for these projects and the repayments will end up back in China and Samoa will have new shiny infrastructures and massive debts that will take generations to repay. The way things are going, China will become the biggest economy and the most powerful military in the world. I don’t really care about their aspirations but I think the biggest negativity is how they’re going about it. 

All of it documented online and you can read papers and coverage by political analyst predicting the outcome and consequences of China’s true intentions with their “One belt, one road” initiative. We could assume the Chinese may want assets that would be more beneficial to them should the H.R.P.P. government default loans.

People are more informed and the mistrust of government is at an all time high. This in turn has raised genuine concerns about our foreign debt and the much debated L.T.R.A. 2008 Legislation. 

Is the H.R.P.P. government misleading it’s people about the amendments? Is the government deliberately trying to trick Samoan families to register and turn their customary lands into freehold land? 

Some critics argue that behind all the smoke and mirrors it is basically a “Torrens title” land registration system. Is it the government’s hidden agenda to try and free up lands as collateral for loans?

I can see why the L.T.R.A 2008 amendments is not a good legislation and will have dire consequence for Samoa’s future. 

It should be repealed full stop. If Stui does not know how much our nation owes China perhaps his spin-doctors could enlighten the Samoan tax payers on the actual amount. 

Some people’s loyalty and support for the H.R.P.P. government is admirable but you cannot ignore the writing on the wall for our nation.

I will say this to the H.R.P.P. supporters and government sympathizers. Would you be ok if Samoa was next to hand over our Sovereignty? Can you keep your heads buried in the sand? 

You need to come up for air, open your eyes and look around to see what is happening to our nation. It affects all of us and you don’t want this burden on our future generations. 

Can you live with a guilty conscience knowing that you could’ve done something about it?

 “Blind faith in bad leaders is not Patriotism” - Rocky Anderson.




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