On this Christmas, let us cling on to hope

Truth be told, it is hard to be cheerful amidst a crisis.

And in this country today, we’ve all experienced the devastation the measles outbreak has brought, either directly or indirectly.

There have been so many sad moments, a lot of tears have been shed and many more people continue to suffer as a result of the ongoing epidemic. Almost everywhere you look in Samoa, there is sadness, devastation. It’s going to take some time to recover from this.

But it is Christmas, a time to stop, put away our tools of trade and reflect on the joy the season brings.

Today, we’d like to believe that this too shall pass. If anything, the commemoration of the birth of Jesus Christ, with everything that it brings, is a welcomed reprieve from the tragedy we have at hand.

Indeed, let us not be discouraged. Hope is not lost, which is what the birth of Jesus Christ is all about. As a nation of Christians, we know from the scriptures that he brought hope to a world that was lost.  

Does that mean there would be no more problems? If Jesus is hope, why then is there so much suffering and pain? Why do bad things happen?

These are legitimate questions. And they are good questions to ponder on as we take time out to celebrate the joys of Christmas. When times get tough, our faith strengthens our resolve. It is that hope in the things not seen that drives us to continue even when everything around us are falling apart.

But that hope is not based on mere hoping that things will get better. Jesus Christ is the hope for anyone who feels hopeless. He offers rest and help to those who are weary and heavy laden.

Indeed, he is the hope to the father and mother struggling with the loss of a son and daughter. He is the healer to those who are sick. He brings comfort, joy and peace where it is needed.

There is hope in whatever circumstances.

If you are going through sickness, Jesus is your healer. Jesus breaks bondages if you are depressed. He can be your friend if you are lonely. If you are feeling weak, ask him to make you strong. If you are poor, ask him how he can turn your fortunes around. If you feel guilty about something you have done, confess and he is faithful to forgive you. He is a father to the fatherless and hope to the loss.

The best part is that he is only a prayer away. As a nation of Christians, we believe Jesus Christ hears and answers our prayers.

So as we prepare to celebrate Christmas tomorrow, lets think about hope.

Whisper a prayer for families who have lost loved ones during the measles crisis and throughout the year. This is unlikely to be a happy Christmas for them but we pray for peace and comfort to be upon them during these difficult times.

Spare a thought for people suffering in Samoa and all over the world for different reasons.

2019 has been a hectic year. We’ve had many highs and lows. But we are here and we are grateful. Lets gather our families and loved ones and count our blessings. Everyday is a gift.

Merry Christmas Samoa, God bless!












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