Fuatino's Natural Products goes organic

By Adel Fruean 19 December 2019, 1:00PM

Local producers of Fuatino’s Natural Products have launched a new line of hydrosols to their existing line of products that promote organic and health benefits.

Fuatino’s Natural Products Production Manager, Uaea Laki Apelu, told the Samoa Observer that the new products follow the already existing Fuatino coconut oil that is exported overseas.

“Our business started in 2009, the idea came from my daughter Gabriel," he said. 

"At the time, I had been exporting coconuts to Australia and New Zealand for ten years, we were able to send at least 100 containers of coconuts to Australia a year which is equivalent to more than a million coconuts a year,” he said, revealing that his daughter initially asked about the viability of producing virgin coconut oil.

“One day the idea of the coconut oil occurred to me when I left the miki (coconut cream mixed with water, salt and lime) overnight. I looked at the fermentation process and discovered it is a very healthy process, if you ferment things. I eventually had enough for a sample and sent it to my daughter, this is virgin coconut oil.”

The family later discovered that virgin coconut oil as a product was highly sought after in America and Europe, consequently they started exporting to New Zealand and later America and Europe. 

Fuatino’s Natural Products Marketing manager, Callum Jones, said that the hydrosol room mist products are natural extensions of their essential oils which come in a variety of lemongrass and cinnamon.

“It is only available locally in some stores but we have not exported yet. These hydrosols have different uses depending on the plants but some can be used to scent the room, facial toner, digestive aid and it’s also edible and organically made with no chemicals added. Your skin is a detoxification organ so this is why when you eat wrong, you get acne so it’s all connected you don’t want to be putting all that you have on your skin that you cannot eat.”

Mr. Jones said that all of their natural products promote a healthy side with a shift away from chemical products.

“Our gift to you is a coconut oil made with respect, as gently as possible keeping intact all the benefits and vitality that is inherent in coconut oil. We sell a 450m of Fuatino coconut oil for USD $23, but you can buy a jar same size poor quality for $6.00. We have been exporting to America for six years,” he said.

“One of the challenges is finding shipping lanes out of Samoa to get to destinations because we do not use container shipments for our products to Europe because it is expensive and time consuming.”

Mr. Apelu added that their business also offers scholarship awards with the student Mariah Leofo from Lefaga College becoming this year’s recipient.

“The name of our products Fuatino is my mother’s name and she is a Taupou (preeminent women’s chiefly title) Fuatino’s of Lefaga which is the keeper of tradition, caretaker of culture, the standard bearer and example of women in the village. She is the leader and organizer of the women in the village. The Fuatino title was given to his daughter Gabrielle as her middle name. We try to reflect the esteem of the Fuatino title in our coconut oil.”

 Fuatino’s Natural Products is a family owned business with operations located in Fatoia, Upolu and Asau, Savaii.

By Adel Fruean 19 December 2019, 1:00PM

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