My oh my, what a speech!

Dear Editor,

Re: P.M. tells Directors to listen more, speak less  

Oh My Lordy, a P.M. with degrees and now a recent Doctorate bestowal and his comments are so babyish and bordering farcical.

As much as you have done a lot for Samoa, I do remember you too partake in more talk and Less listening.

So with all due respect P.M, I see contradiction written all over your smile. 

These are words only 5 year olds say to 2 year olds “listen more speak less”...not to Directors...this is not academic and not worthy of content of a Speech to a distinguish group of Business Men.

Allow me to give you a lesson on Leadership 101, which may be more appropriate for your Audience.

A great leader must exude qualities that encompass the four pillars or facets (or elements of Leadership). 

A Great Leader must be able to plan, organise, lead and control.

Planning: No leader can begin any work on any subordinates or project without prior planning...Basic logic. Plan first, execute later....

Organisation: A great Leader must know how to Organise his day, week or months ahead...this also encompasses Planning...

Organisation of work load and staff, through prior planning is essential...Plan, then organize that plan for execution.

Lead: A great Leader must not only be confident, and be bright and know how to Plan or organise...but he must actually know how to lead.

P.M. please in the future, lead by example.

Often you talk a lot, and love the media. Yet you rarely Walk the Talk...fai aku ai foi...

To be able to Lead, is to gain Trust and support from your subordinates. Unfortunately we don’t have an opposition and you are leading merely by your parties majority vote...though ask the population it might be a different story.

And finally P.M, a great Leader must have, be able to, and execute control. 

Control the Plan, control and measure the strategies and policies.

Control yourself and what you say for it will come back to bite you. More importantly, control all aspects of your role in government or business.

What can be measured, can be controlled.

There’s a great concept in business that goes “if it can be measured, it can be managed.”

So P.M, please refrain from using basic language and basic concepts that amount to kindergarten language to your audience, via the media.

Trust me, your audience, ie the Samoan people are not kids, they are intelligent, loving and devoted followers of your country.

They are well educated and God loving. Treat them with respect and like adults. Don’t talk rubbish or hide behind your words to deflect the real issues.

My oh my, I can’t believe your speech to the directors was centred around two ears and one mouth...and you are a doctor of the highest level in academia?


Taula Victor Washburn-Tyan

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