May God guide your vote

Dear Editor 


The greatest injustice to the people of Samoa is being played out days before the election.

The P.M. in essence has successfully executed the Election Amendment that was approved last year that favours his party by suing candidates this late in the process.

There is “no honour” within this P.M. and his party. The true voice and desire of the people have been drowned out due to this ongoing litigation in court. The amendment should have included a deadline to bring challenges to a candidate. The amendment should have read that any challenge to a candidate should be filed and heard by the court with a decision rendered sixty days prior to the election day. 

This would allow the people time to review the ups and downs of each candidate. 

Allowing these cases to go forward with few weeks or days before the election is “unethical” in any democracy.

This election and any future election is a farce as long as this party is the majority. 

The H.R.P.P. is making a mockery of democracy by passing such a bill.

Let’s not kid ourselves anymore after witnessing this process.

Samoa is no longer a democracy. It is a dictatorship and the prime minister is the dictator.

May God have mercy on our beloved Samoa.

Vote for a better Samoa of tomorrow. 

Vote for a better future for your kids.

As an adult, ask yourself and look back to yesteryears to see where you were and how your life was, and compare to your kids’ lives today. 

Do you see or have you experienced much change?

Are you better off today than when you were a kid? If your answer is no, it is time for change.

May God guide your vote.


T. Samatua

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