Don’t defeat yourself

Think a minute…Studies show that only one out of three people have healthy self-confidence. That means two out of every three people do not know the ability they already have to be successful. If you want others to believe in you, you must first believe in yourself. Remember, “No one can make you feel inferior unless you allow them.” A successful businessman says, ”You cannot push anyone up a ladder, he must believe he can climb himself.” 

Many of us have an image problem: the image we have of ourselves. As one guy put it, “You cannot win a horse race if you think you look funny on a horse.”  To succeed, the first person you have to convince is yourself. Then you won’t worry about what others may think of you. The fact is that most people seldom think about you anyway, since they are more interested in themselves and their own lives. So change your mind and you will change your life. 

One of the most lethal weapons that kills your success in life are these two little words: “I can’t.” Amazingly, in the past people believed that if human beings traveled faster than 30 miles an hour, it would stop our blood circulation and kill us. Ignorance is not bliss! Thankfully, a few people did not believe such foolish and false thinking—or we would not be riding in cars, busses, trains and airplanes. “Many times the impossible is simply the untried.”

Roger Bannister was the first human being to run a mile in less than four minutes. But before he did it, most people in the world did not think it was even possible. Yet only a few months after Bannister successfully did it, runners all over the world began running a mile in less than four minutes! If we believe something can be done, most of the time we can do it. 

Too many of us spend our lives looking around instead of looking up to the One Who made us and gave us our potential. Right now why don’t you look up to Jesus and ask Him to take charge of your daily life, both personally and professionally. Then, with all of His love, power and wisdom, you can finally stop defeating yourself. Just think a minute…

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