Measles crisis unite village in prayer, fasting

The village of Faletagaloa Safune on the big island of Savai'i came together to pray and fast for divine intervention as the nation battles the measles crisis which has already claimed 48 lives. 

The special service which was held at the Congregational Christian Church of Samoa at Faletagaloa Safune.

It was initiated by Reverend Vaueli Sanerivi who is looking after the C.C.C.S Faletagaloa parish.

The idea was well supported by the elders in the village and the Reverend for the Faleolo Methodist Church in Safune, Reverend Poloma Tuitolova'a.

Everyone in the village including those who attend other denominations aside from the C.C.C.S and Methodist were asked to come together and worship in unity.

The aim is to pray and start fasting together for better days for Samoa and the children of Safune to be spared from the deadly disease that is currently affecting lives of our young ones.

Tugaga Tevesi David, the village mayor and high chief of the village reminded the gathering that it is vital to listen and obey the whispering of the Holy Spirit.

“If this is what the spirit of the Lord is telling us to do, then we should all listen and obey,” said Tugaga.

“Coming together in unity and cry to God with our whole hearts, because as Christians, we all know there is no one like Him.
“He holds the power and He is the answer to whatever difficulty we face in this life."
Tugaga made reference to the story of Noah from the Old Testament to elaborate his point on why it is crucial to listen to God's orders.

“When God commanded Noah to build an ark, he obeyed God and he listened to what he was told to do, in returned, God saved him and his family from the flood.

“However, for those who did not obey the order from God and did not listen, they suffered and were drifted away.”

The service also paid tribute to the lives lost to the complications of measles and their grieving families.

“No parent wants to go through losing a child. It’s hard; we pray and hope for better days for our country and May God’s spirit be with us always.”

The village mayor also assured the village's support to whatever measures that has been set by the government to stop the spread of measles.
Reverend Poloma Tuitolova’a of the Methodist church at Faleolo Safune, reminded the gathering about the importance of fasting and praying in unity.
"We can achieve great things and better things by binding our hearts together. To fight  against all the challenges in life, we must come together in unity not only by praying together but also work together because hard work is nothing without prayers."

It was also dedicated to uplifting those who are working tirelessly day and night trying to stop the spread of measles, said Reverend Vaueli Sanerivi. 

"We remember our doctors and nurses, the government of Samoa and our friends from our neighboring countries who are working hard behind the scene to try and control the spread of the disease. 

"We know it's not easy, but they are sacrificing a lot and are at risk most of the time attending to our sick people and making sure they serve our people to the best of their ability.

"We continue to pray for them and pray that God bless them for all their hard work and dedication."

  Finally, Reverend Vaueli reiterated that during tough times, we should "keep the faith and trust in God."

"The disease has no doubt has tested the faiths of so many people and have them questioning God's love for us. 

"However, we need to remember that uncertainty is one of God's greatest gift to us. He is the answer to whatever we face in this life.
"Our country is founded on God, and only He can save us."

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