Not the people’s Police Commissioner

Dear Editor

Re: He’s had more than enough rest

Raguel, I am not sure that I agree with your assertion that the police commissioner is the people’s police commissioner. 

I, for one, do not share your enthusiasm about his return to work because of the firearm use issue. I know you are going to say that he has been before the courts and found not guilty of the charges. 

Still hasn’t convinced me.

According to my one term of introduction to statistical methods, your statement implies that at least 50% of the people support the police commissioner. 

Not according to the views of the people at the Fugalei and Salelologa markets. The anecdotal evidence supplied by the people I spoke to indicated their fear of a repetition of what happened at the Fugalei market. 

You might argue with me about the sample size, statistical significance etc, etc, however, my point remains that a significant proportion of the people have reservations about the police commissioner and his actions in using firearms in the public. 

I believe that the people I spoke to is a fair representation of the cross section of the Samoan population and I am confident therefore about my results. 

Perhaps I should have spoken to the Government Statistician before putting my thought to a letter to the editor.

The views of one old lady at Fugalei makeki summarises the most common sentiment - what happened if there is a gun fight and one innocent bystander is injured or killed? Who is going to be responsible for that? The police or the drug dealers?

This is one of the reasons the people, according to my survey, do not feel comfortable by what will happen next.



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