Family struggles with two buckets of water a day

By Adel Fruean 24 November 2019, 10:00AM

A family from Siumu has struggled to survive on two buckets of water a day for the past six years.

Tonumaipea Folafolaga lives with his wife and children in a traditionally built home composed of iron roofing and supporting wood.

The father-of-three told the Village Voice team that his family’s main struggle is accessing water. 

“For years, we could not have access to water supply because we could not afford to pay the Samoa Water Authority the fee to connect our water,” he said.

“Our family struggles, financially, there is no one employed which would provide a stable income for all our needs.

“I am a fisherman so I go out to sea twice a week just to catch some fish with hope to sell and get some money.

“The money we receive if I am able to catch some fish is around a $100 but mind you fishing is unpredictable some days are good and others are bad. The allocation of the money is usually for my children's needs for school, food supplies, village and church commitments”

The 39-year-old added that their family depends on relatives who live just a few houses away for water.

Mr. Folafolaga’s wife, Akenese, said that her family freely gives them access.

“Our whole family has to walk every day to use my relative’s water for bathing. And we carry buckets of water back with us," she said.

“The struggle I face daily is allocating limited amount of water for different uses in our home, but our family depends on rain water so we can flush our toilet.

“I want to make sure that my home environment is clean and healthy so my family can be safe but water is a necessity you require frequently.”

Much of the condition of their home  owes to damage wrought by Cyclone Vita 

“The recent cyclone devastated our home, we thought that maybe we would receive assistance but we never received any," she said. 

“We had no choice but to rebuild it with the materials that was left from our old home, which is why I am worried.

“I fear for my children’s safety now that is Samoa currently in the cyclone season, all we have are prayers so that no harm can befall us.”

If you are willing to help the family of Mr. and Mrs. Folafolaga please contact the number: 7759230.



By Adel Fruean 24 November 2019, 10:00AM

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