Your secret weapon

Think a minute…Years ago a woman was awarded the Medal of Freedom, highest honor an American civilian can receive. This was all the more amazing since she was not even an American! Mrs. Josefina Guerrero was from the Philippines, where she became known simply as Joey.    

Joey was a young, pretty and outgoing lady who was well-known in her home city of Manila, and her husband was a successful medical student. Everything seemed to be going her way. Then World War II started. 

Joey and her friends offered to help the U.S. prisoners of war by bringing them food, clothing, medicine, and important messages. Later Joey even volunteered to serve as a spy and, in fact, became one of the most effective spies the Americans ever had. On her first mission she explored and drew maps of enemy camps. Her only weapons were paper and pencil which she used to record everything she saw behind enemy lines.

One of Joey’s nearly impossible missions took her on foot through 56 miles of enemy territory, including minefields and enemy camps. It was this kind of bravery and skill on her many missions that earned her great respect from the American soldiers who gave her the affectionate nickname, Joey. 

What is most amazing is that during those three years of her highly successful career as a spy in enemy territory, Joey was never caught or even searched one time! But there was a reason why she was able to achieve such a remarkable record as a wartime spy who saved thousands of American lives. Joey had a weakness which she used as her secret weapon to help win the war: she had leprosy! 

You may have what you think is a weakness, but God can help you find the way to use it for your success by helping others. Won’t you ask Him to take full charge of your life? Only He can truly lead you into the successful and satisfying life He has planned for you. Just think a minute…

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