Unchristian, not Samoan and unconstitutional

Dear Editor,

Re: Govt. charges pastors 

The EFKS, through her Fono Tele, represents the Cultural- Spiritual Twin Foundations of the Modern Samoa which gave Modern Samoa it’s Constitution and the Founding Vision for the Independent State of Samoa- Samoa shall always be Founded in God, the God of the Christian Faith.

This is also the Founding Spirit of the Constitution of Samoa, and it was the True and Authentic Spirit of Modern Samoa that was inherited from her historical growth, development, and transformations since the Early 19thCentury. 

For the Samoan Culture, Her Christian Church in her Life and Work embody the Space of God’s Kingdom in Samoan Culture and Samoan Society. That Space is Covenant- Space that is protected by the Kingdom of Samoa [ or Samoan Culture] for the Kingdom of God in the Life of Samoa. And all the Works of the Church are the Works of the Kingdom of God. 

In the History of Samoa, Samoan Culture serves the Kingdom of God through the Christian Church. 

This has been going on in the Village Life of Samoa in the last 200 years. The Government Law to tax Church Ministers in Village Churches is unconstitutional, unSamoan, and unGodly for transgressing Sacred Space Samoan Culture had covenanted to the Works of the Kingdom of God in the Whole Life of Samoan Society.

In the same Tax Law, the Government is committing a very serious Moral and Spiritual Sin- Stealing from the Kingdom of God the things Samoan Culture offers freely for the Works of the Kingdom of God that is also benefitting Samoa. Samoa is different as other Nations are also different in the Political Sciences behind their Political Systems. 

The present Samoan Government is increasingly failing in true loyalty to both Samoan Culture and Samoan Christian Church by the delusion to be like other worldly Nations of the World. 

This is a Dead End to the Sovereign Freedom and the Distinctive Life of Samoa.


Danny Ioka 

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