No greater love

Think a minute…A four-year-old girl was terribly injured in a car accident.

In fact, she was losing so much blood that she was going to die unless the doctors quickly found a person with her same rare blood type who was willing to give her their blood.

Then they discovered that the girl’s seven-year-old brother had the exact same blood type as hers.

The doctor led her brother into his office and told him that his baby sister was very sick and unless she received blood she would probably die. Her brother’s eyes filled with tears. After a few moments, he bravely said to the doctor: “I’ll give my blood to my sister.”      

As the young boy watched his blood going through a tube into his sister’s body, his fear reached a point of panic. The doctor saw the terrified look on the little boy’s face and said:  “It’s OK, son, it will all be over soon.”

The boy started to cry: “So now is when I’m going to die?” he asked. When the doctor had first asked this young boy to give his blood for his sister, the boy thought it meant he was giving ALL of his blood and that he would die so his sister could live. Yet because he truly loved his sister, he still chose to give his life for her. 

We often do not know how much people really love us until their relationship with us costs them something. Some friends are only friends to us as long as it is convenient for them or if they get something out of our friendship. But Jesus taught and showed us by example that “There is no greater love than when someone gives his life for his friend.” 

Amazingly, even when we rejected Him and His way of life, Jesus still gave His own perfectly innocent life for us. He, our Maker Who created us to share and enjoy life with Him, did all this for us.

But He will never force you to love Him in return. Otherwise, it would not be love anymore, since love must be freely chosen. He will always respect your freedom to choose—especially since He is the One Who gave it to you. 

So won’t you ask Him once and for all to become your Rescuer and Lord? Sincerely ask Jesus to forgive you for all your sins and living your own way, and to help you start living His true way for the rest of your life.

He promises He will never leave you, and that you will never regret having Him as your very best Friend, Savior and Lord. Then you can truly say, “Thank God it’s Friday!”—since it will be the absolute best Good Friday of your life. Just think a minute…

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