Early bird “Meka” hit at S.S.A.B.

Samoa Stationery and Books (S.S.A.B.) “Meka Silver HP Early Bird Special” was a hit on Wednesday morning.

Marketing Manager of S.S.A.B, Asomua Asia Stanley said the promo was to offer customers low prices on electronic products.

“The word ‘meka’ is S.S.A.B.’s unique term and it is pertaining to us alone,” he said. 

“The silver comes from the award that we won last year in New Zealand. So it links back to S.S.A.B’s award of being the Silver Partner for H.P. And we are the only Silver partner in Samoa.

“We are now at the stage of being the Gold Partner even though H.P. has not confirmed yet if S.S.A.B. will be considered or nominated for H.P. Gold Partner.

“So  S.S.A.B. is the only authorised reseller for H.P. service center and we are aiming to be the H.P. Gold Partner.

“It all depends on how we look after our customers and the volume of sales in order for them (H.P.) to consider us. When it comes to being a Gold Partner, it’s quite a challenging nomination given that there will be a lot of other countries in the Pacific, like Fiji and New Zealand, vying for this.” 

Asomua said the reason they did this was because they wanted to continue with their “Early Bird Specials”. 

“And through that, we always try and offer very low prices for the people of Samoa to take advantage of and having early birds is where the President of S.S.A.B., Tofilau Fiti Leung Wai, just slashes the prices.

“We simply do not care if we do not make anything from the early bird specials that we have every now and then because our biggest objective and goal is to ensure that the people of Samoa access cutting edge technology through the usage of electronics products like H.P. laptops, printers as well as computers.

“And also purchasing these products at the most affordable prices, for example the original price for our H.P. laptop that we had in our Early Bird Special is $1,350 but the early bird price was only $599. So we slashed it below 50 percent.

“It’s close to 60 percent if we do the math. We just want people to know the reason we keep H.P. is because we have a very close and firm relationship with H.P. New Zealand.

 “Through this partnership with them, we are able to support our community here in terms of the back up support once they invest in these products because they are expensive,” he said.

 “So the people are not just throwing away their money because if they come to buy electronic products, they are investing their money and we are talking about thousands of tala.

 “So not only are they investing thousands of tala, but they are buying with confidence that these products have the backup support that they need. That is why S.S.A.B. always ensures that our technicians are being trained. 

“Most of the customers who came in were after the laptops as well as the bluetooth speakers and the printers.”

Tofilau explained: “I don’t want to leave behind the Samoan people in terms of technology; hence I always ensure that whatever new technology or the most updated electronic is introduced in the market, we bring that product to Samoa.

“It’s always important that we accept the fact that technology is here and that it can certainly help with our daily lives and what we do on a daily basis, in terms of work and schools.

 “S.S.A.B. is always flexible when it comes to customer’s satisfaction. It’s quite difficult because we also have to look at ways to benefit S.S.A.B. as well and not just the customers.”

Asomua added as part of the Meka promotion, they have an electronic waste promotion that will be launched next week Tuesday.

 “S.S.A.B. is advocating for green environment and the health of our people at large.

“The computers and laptops do contain some substances that could cause harm to the health of the people. So we feel like we are responsible and it is our social responsibility to care for our people as well as their welfare.

“And through that, we are asking people to trade in their old H.P. printers, computers and laptops so we can ship them back to New Zealand where these products were manufactured.

The “Meka Silver HP Early Bird Special” continues until next week Friday.

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