On Salelologa’s decision

Dear Editor

Re: Savai’i village bans Chinese-owned shops

I am from Salelologa, I was born and raised in Salelologa, and for you to talk about things that you have no knowledge about.

Why will you be embarrassed with the decision that my village made?

You’re right our people have big hearts and are Christians, but that has nothing to do with our village decision, you talk about President Trump, just so you know America is the biggest and most powerful country in the world, there is no comparison to our small island. Yes Salelologa made a smart decision about banning the Chinese businesses, let me give you some of the reasons why. 

I agree with what my village did, how can you say to trade Samoan business to Chinese business, how can you trade their mackerel can of fish that was made with cats, snakes and dogs and also their toys trash and shoes you buy today and it breaks before you take it home, and also Chinese restaurants they call Chinese food they serve there in Samoa is not what they serve in China, I know that because I’ve been to China.

Now Samoa won’t allow American cars in Samoa because all these negotiations are just the Chinese only, but they forgot a lot of Samoan people live in America sending so much money to support their families.

Now in Samoa most of the big contractors constructions, china got it, and that left Samoans with no jobs.

And all the Chinese men back in Samoa married our Samoan ladies because they just want our land, but those men have their wives back in China, they only married our Samoan ladies for the lands and what they want, and their wives back in China agree with them because they need money.

So, if you don’t have anything to say, then zip it.

Soama Muagututia

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