Virgin Australia’s sour grapes

Dear Editor,

Re: Govt. failure blasted 

This is sour grapes payment by Mr Bougetti and Virgin Australia. His pacific island slave has decided to do their own thing and he feels betrayed. His timing confirms it all. 

When Toni Fernandez, the owner and CEO of AirAsia decided to break away from Richard Branson and the Virgin Atlantic group, he left with the blessing of his former boss and Toni Fernandez never looked back. 

AirAsia is perhaps the biggest budget brand in all of Asia if not the whole world other then Southwest. 

He (Bougetti ) feels betrayed because he was feeding his island slaves with bread crumbs all these years and now the slaves wants seek it’s own freedom and walk away and that doesn’t resonate with the glory he feels he deserves. 

His timing is really bad. He should’ve let Poly fly first and then talk business. This is proof to me that his motives are personal and unprofessional. The unspoken language of his action is by far louder then just a balance sheet entry. The intention is to sabotage the attempts of Poly to get airborne and to inflict a much harsher playing environment for the Samoan airline before it even flies.

‘Think again Mr Bougetti. Your unprofessional attitude could make you a harsher retirement memories then for what it’s worth, like rallying the Samoan community in NZ and Australia to apply discretion in their travel plans.’

A real business accountability would have taken into account the unfavourable standing of the island nation in financial repayments and should’ve factored that in, in it annual dividends which proves the point that the dividends were just pocket change to silenced the slaves and not a share of the profits in the understandings of a partnership.

This is more his fault then the country’s fault. He had the opportunity to get his money back as percentage of the dividend paid to the government but that would be too obvious on the loose change he was throwing to the islanders like chicken feed and called it dividend. How shameful that colonialism is alive and strong. The attempt to subdue the weak even more while he strives to seek his identity is not the soul of humans but to dishonour the right to strive always for that, which is best.


The inability of the government to pay this debt is heavily offset by the dubious intent of Mr. Bougetti and Virgin Australia to deny the Samoan people their right to have a choice of their own in their own airline. 

There are hundreds of ways to get this account on the record but to bring it up at this point in time when Polynesian is negotiating it’s future plans is nothing but sour grapes, personal and unprofessional.

He should’ve waited. This is a sign of weak emotions that overrides a legitimate business call and may have exposed an ugly truth of his business to the Samoan community in both NZ and Australia. Perhaps not enough to call on him but every chip counts in this business and he’s counting down instead of upwards.



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