Poverty is a conscious life choice

Dear Editor,

Re: There’s corruption, there’s poverty 

The majority of Samoan poverty is a conscious life choice. 

They choose not to find a job, they choose not to work hard in their plantations or go fishing, they choose to lie around all day waiting for someone else to give them money, food or pay their water and electricity bills and if it doesn’t come, claim poverty, complaining about no water or power.

Before the faceless, homo, ghost hating masses start throwing stones, read again and acknowledge the use of the word “majority”, not all.

There care some Samoans that do live in poverty, without the family support or income generators through various circumstances, but unfortunately these people who really need and deserve help are lost in the shadows cast by the lazy majority that make the most noise.

If churches were truly doing God’s work, they would seek out the deserving few and show charity, truly eliminating poverty in Samoa. They are even now given a loose mandate in our Constitution and share as much responsibility as the government in looking after the people.

Church leaders cannot claim they don’t know of such cases in their communities as you cant do anything in this country without everyone knowing before you get home, it seems that they would rather step over those in need rather than get their church clothes dirty following their Lord’s example.



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