Wearing Masks

Think a minute…Have you ever pretended to be something you’re not? Maybe you did it to impress or please somebody. But the longer we act like someone we’re not, the better we get at it.

We can even get so good at it that we actually fool ourselves and forget who we really are! It’s sad that the more we hide our real self the more lonely and unsure of ourselves we become.

 What mask do you sometimes wear? What kind of person do you pretend to be? Do you act strong and tough, so people won’t know that inside you sometimes feel weak, even afraid? Or do you wear the mask that says you’re a good religious person, even though in your heart you know you’re dishonest and sometimes lie or cheat other people of their money.

Maybe you wear the funny joker and life-of-the-party mask. You feel like you always need to make a joke of everything so others will laugh and not know how lonely and unhappy you really are inside.

 There are many people who get drunk or take drugs because they’re tired of wearing their mask. And it’s only after some drugs or drinks that they feel free to take their mask off and stop acting like something they’re not.

Some of them are actually desperate and lonely. They’re looking for real love and acceptance, in spite of the bad things they’ve done and who they really are inside.

 But it doesn’t matter what you’ve done, you can never shock Jesus Christ. With Him you can be your real self. The person you really are under your mask. Real Christians will love and accept you, even though they may not approve of everything you do.

They won’t be shocked by anything you’ve done because some of them used to do those things too, before Jesus forgave them and gave them the power to change.  So won’t you be honest with yourself and ask Jesus to forgive you for your past wrongs. Jesus will accept you just the way you are, but He won’t leave you that way.

He will also free and help you to start changing to reach your potential and become the person He created you to be.  Just Think a Minute…

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