Faith comes by hearing word of God

Dear Editor,

Re: Jesus I believe, Jesus I doubt 

Malo Aumuagaolo! 

Thank you for sharing your non-belief, and scepticism. Your stance as an “indigeneous tagata Samoa” must be applauded. 

We all want to go back to the good old days I suppose.

When Samoa was perfect, and everyone was living at the edge of war, and we could all procreate with freedom, through accepted norms of ‘poula’ and the like. 

Oh, how I detest how the Christian missionaries robbed me of my legacy as an “indigeneous tagata Samoa” to have as many wives, as my energies could grant me! Oh, I feel your pain brother, especially when our Samoan God, Tagaloa was supremely similar to the God of the Missionaries.

I mean, he already saved us from each other, by giving us pride in who we were, so that we would give no inch to anyone when their was need for reprisal and revenge!...Malo uso!...It is always refreshing to read the reasons why non-Christians passionately dispute the historicity of Jesus as a person, and more so the undisputable fact of His Resurrection.

 I will not bore you with any evidences, because you are already set in your ways. I must only pray for you, as you won’t for me, so that God’s Spirit can speak to you in a way that only you can receive His Gospel and the truth of the meaning of this life. But, of course, I talk as a believer, not as a product of my own searching, probing, and wanting to make sure that ‘all the dots’ line up, but as a believer through first and foremost accepting and receiving in faith, God’s Grace in Jesus Christ. 

Yes, I was born into the Church, but I have also lived on the same Earth that you have, and have experienced the rising of the Sun, and the going down of the moon, of the changing of the seasons, and the changing of one’s personal fortunes, and I supposed like you, I have wondered, who or what could be behind such things? 

Just one final thing: Faith comes from hearing, as the Apostle Paul made it clear. Sometimes, our other sensory applications like seeing, feeling, touching and smelling, betray us, regardless of our good and lofty intentions. 

Alofa le Atua i Lau Afioga...Maua le tamaoaiga mai le Atua, aua o faiva alofilima o loo e tautua ai ia Tagaloa, o oe o le indigeneous tagata Samoa!...Peace!



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