A thought-provoking opinion

Dear Editor,

Re: God is good, Jesus Christ I doubt

Very interesting and thought provoking opinion, which can only be good for our relentless search for the Truth.

My humble opinion is that the Bible is complete even though there are thousands of scrolls and documents stored away in the archives of the Vatican and other institutions.

It was God that guided those people who were putting the Bible together so anything that’s not in the Bible is probably not relevant or inspirational enough to be a guidance of Christianity.

If the man was mischievous when he was young, well he eventually reformed himself to the Jesus Christ that we know today and that is good enough for me.

On a personal note, I believe in the “Good News”(Bible) but not church or religion. That’s because church and religion have used the Bible as a controlling and manipulative mechanism to control and keep the population subservient to a minority few and also, it’s the main reason for wars and atrocities in the world today eg, hrpp and government corruptions.

One thing we should always remember is that in Christianity, one can only be prosecuted by the principles of Christianity if he/she accepts the Good News and strive to live by it’s principles so wow to hrpp Christian corruption lovers.

Our forefathers were not under the law (Christianity) until the early 1800, if they were peaceful people which I believe they were apart from some sporadic periods of war due to some matai titles.

Then I honestly believe that the Christian God will have mercy on their souls because all evidence of communal support and sharing are all principle of Christianity

So I think it’s fair to say that our forefathers and community leaders were more righteous than our generation and government leaders because they (our forefathers) were more loving and caring which are in line with the teachings of Jesus Christ.

I’m going off topic now and there are few notable similarities between ancient Samoa and the ancient Israelite.

Many Pacific Island cultures would identify their ancestors as migrants from another civilization but we don’t have that in our culture. We believe that we are the cradle of civilization with God Tagaloa just like the story of creation in the Bible.

Our ancestors also believe in 8 or 10 layers of heaven just like the ancient beliefs of the Jews in 7 heavens so could it be coincidence or there was an ancient connection between our ancestors and Judeo/Christian?


Le Mafa P 

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