It’s a tough life without running water

By Ulimasao Fata 23 January 2018, 12:00AM

Life is already hard.

But without a steady supply of water, things are even harder.

That’s the reality for young father, Masunu Iese, 44, from Letogo. 

Mr. Iese says living without water has been hard for families in his area.

“We have been living here for so long and the issue with water is not new to us,” he shared with the Village Voice team while working at his in-laws place yesterday. 

“We have access to electricity, but we are still waiting for water connection to reach us.

“The pipe only reaches the end of the road. The water from there can only be used for our toilet and washing, nothing else.”

Mr. Iese says life’s a struggle without water.

“It is really hard living here when there is no running water for us.

“So the only place we collect water from is when it rains, and when the rain stops then we have to go down the road and get it from a small spring.

“The problem with the spring there is when the first person collects water; the second person has to wait for one hour until the spring gets water again.”

Mr. Iese also explained about the stream in his village.

“We tried feeding the pipe to a stream beside our village, but it wasn’t successful.

“So we are only connecting that pipe for our toilets at the moment because it is not good for sustainable use.”

Mr. Iese also mentioned that water is very much needed every day, and if we don’t have water, it’s a real struggle at the end.

“We really do need water every day just like anyone out there who is using water.

“It is really hard for us because if it doesn’t rain, then we will not have water to cook our food, as well as drink.”

Mr. Iese is seeking assistance for a water tank.

“I think the only way for us to cope with this struggle is by getting a water tank to store and manage our water.

“We are still trying to save money for it, but then it is really hard because my wife and I don’t work, except on our plantation.”

For anyone willing to help Mr. Iese ease his struggle, he can be contacted on the number  +685 7256168.

By Ulimasao Fata 23 January 2018, 12:00AM

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