Children are my priority

It is every parent’s dream to see their children grow up to be successful people. 

Most parents do not mind the struggle they go through now, just so that their children don’t have to go through the same thing when they grow up. 

That’s precisely the case for Siaopo Fesola’i from the village of Faleasi’u.

Aged 42, Fesola’i understands that nothing in life is easy.

However, for his family, Fesola’i said they are doing well.

“This is because of God’s love,” Fesola’i told the Village Voice.

He is a father of two.

“For my family, it is just me and my wife and our two children.

“They are at the age where they go to school.

“For me, the main important thing for me right now is to push them to go to school.

“That’s my main goal. I want to keep working hard now, to provide for my children and make sure that they are educated.”

He went on to say that even with the struggle of budgeting the money he gets for his pay, he would still continue to work hard for the sake of his children.

“Like I mentioned before, life isn’t easy. We all struggle most of the time. But to me, I get motivated every time I look at my children.

“I want them to grow up and have good jobs. I don’t want them to suffer and live the kind of life we have now.

“A lot of people have also blamed the cost of living as an excuse for their struggles; I mean I also agree that life is very expensive nowadays. But the thing is, we can’t do much about it. The decision is made by our government. 

“But instead of just complaining and doing nothing, that is just a waste of time. 

“Yes we all know that the cost of living is expensive. But for me, and this is my own opinion, I am motivated to do whatever it takes to provide for my children and my family.

“My whole being is dedicated to do my best for the sake of my children. I will also push them to do well in school and be there for them whenever they need something.

“You know they are the future of our families, villages and churches.”

Moreover, Siaopo believes that we can create great leaders if we invest a lot of time and effort into our children. 

“We should encourage them to become better people.

“I am sure that we all want what’s best for them. And I believe that if we all put our children as our priority and as the reason why we work, there is no doubt that we will create a great pathway that will lead them to their future.”

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