What are your views on foreigners in the retail sector?

By Vatapuia Maiava 12 January 2016, 12:00AM

Businesswoman, Moe Lei Sam, has reiterated concerns about the influx of foreign-owned businesses springing up all across the country especially in the retail sector. A Samoan woman of Chinese descent, Ms. Lei Sam is particularly concerned about the influx of Asian run shops, forcing Samoans out of business. What do you think? Vatapuia Maiava asked in today’s Street Talk and this is what people said:

Shanna Ualesi

I don’t think it’s right for a lot of foreigners to own many businesses because it takes away the opportunity for local business owners. They should be a bit more strict with who they let into the country because sooner or later we will have many local people losing their business to overseas contenders. Our people should always come first in this county.  

Maria Schuster

I think it’s good that they’re operating in Samoa because it brings more income into the country through the job opportunities they provide. Although many businesses are owned by foreigners, their workers are mostly Samoan and they would be unemployed without these outsiders creating jobs for them. Without these foreigners there would be a higher number of unemployed people in Samoa.

Max Williams

I reckon it’s alright. If we try stop them now and kick them out of the country then that will just make us look racist. The presence of the businesses that they run creates jobs which helps fix Samoa’s unemployment problem. During the Christmas season I recognized many Samoan people working for Chinese owned businesses which gave them the chance to earn a bit of money for their families.

Puiai Leota 

It’s good that there are a lot of foreign owned businesses in Samoa now. Not only do they create more job opportunities for local people they also help drop prices for goods through the competition they create with other businesses. Lower cost of goods will result in lower cost of living making the people of Samoa happier. In my opinion we should allow more foreigners into Samoa.

Grace Ekeroma

I don’t like this at all. The only outcome of having more foreign business owners is that more profits will be leaving the country and less profit for the hard working local business owners. I’m not saying this in a racist way but we should put a stop to foreigners coming into Samoa with the intention of starting businesses. We should firstly take care of our own local business owners before considering allowing more foreigners into our country. 

Jeremiah Kushina Lafaele

Well it really depends on which angle you look at this. On one hand foreign business owners do provide many Samoan people with jobs and a chance to earn a little bit of money for their families. On the other hand this would be bad for local business owners because of more competition and fewer profits earned. All in all my views on this issue are neutral.

By Vatapuia Maiava 12 January 2016, 12:00AM

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