Govt. and Sogi residents should compromise

 Starlini Solina, 67, Matautu Uta

I have lived in Samoa for so long and now I see things have changed. However, I don't agree with what the government are doing to the Sogi families, because I know some people have lived in this village for so long.With the changes now they have laws against lands, even the lands of people who have live there with so many years, I totally disagree with what the Samoa Government is trying to do.
Karoline Petelo, 51, Lotofaga 

I don't support what the Government is trying to do against the families, because if that was me who had been living there for so long and this happened I would be angry; because its a land that I [would] have been living in. So that is why I support the families in Sogi and not what the government is trying to do to them.  

Uluina Laulilii, 52, Falealili

We are all Samoans and we all have leaders in our families, churches, villages. The government trying to force the families out from the lands, well to me they should not do that because the families have been living there for life. If the families say it's their lands, well, the Government should accept the facts. But if the government is right, well, the families should accept it. 

Peniata Pulelua , 34, Afega 

The Government shouldn't try to evict those families from  Sogi because those families have been living on that land [for[ many generations. And some have been growing up on the land. I don't support the forceful eviction, I don't support that at all.  Feterika Leuava'a, 72, Vavau

To me I know the those families have been living in Sogi for so many years, and I don't support what the government is trying to do, making them move away from Sogi. They should let the families live there and not take them away from a land that they have been living on for many generations.

Tino Visesio, 60, Lotofaga 

Those Sogi families have been living there for their entire lives. If the Government wants to move them, they should give them a new piece of land to relocate to for free. That would be fair. The government and the families should try and come to an understanding between them. The government should look for new lands for these people if they are going to remove them.

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